Sunday, October 16, 2005

why am i always standing next to the bored people at gigs? people who dont sing along and who stand perfectly still unless its to check the time or stare up at the sky with a huff...

i went to see missy higgins and ben lee last night at adelaide uni. it really was about 5 times bigger than it needed to be, but i guess, it sold out so it did need to be that big. honestly, there were so many people there, it was like the festivals that used to be on there. like o-ball or something. people everywhere, and not just people, but lesbians.
when we got closer to the front where the people actually sang, we were standing in the middle of a river of lesbians and i felt a litle like a traitor thinking about tom.

we were first situated behind some bored BORED people. bored, i tell you. why go to a gig if you're just gonna stand there, look bored and complainy, and stare at your watch? so ember and i sang and sand and sang and danced right behind this girl and she still didnt get into it. thats when i decided it was time to find a better spot.

it was raining and people were huddling under blankets and jumpers, trying to keep dry, and completely blocking the views of the people behind them. there was a group of six women under a blanket, and i told them as i walked past that i thought it was really mean of them to block everyone else's view just for the sake of keeping your hair wet
'its not about the hair, actually'
'oh its not? hmm' i said, and kept walking
apparently there was some bitchiness as i walked off but fneh, they eventually got out of the rain and let people see again.

it was a really good night. lots of singing, dancing and so much talent it was astounding.

i never ever thought i'd get to see 'laid' performed live, and ben and missy did it and it was fucking awesome

and just one thing i need to add


thankyou, and goodnight

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