Thursday, October 06, 2005

over it

ive tried not to let it bother me. and all the other times it has happened, it hasnt gotten to me. ive had people come here and accuse me of trying to steal their boyfriend. they wont, of course, say who they are, or who their boyfriend is beacuse then i may actually be able to defend myself. instead they hide behind anonymity, make their comments, and run away.
i've had people pretending to be me and my friends, commenting on posts and leaving tags on the board.
and now there are people, anonymous again, coming here and reading my thoughts and leving their comments. and thats fine. leave your comments and your thoughts on my posts, but when there are personal attacks on me, my friends or my family, thats when its not ok.
we cant even 'fight back' because your comments are just uncalled for.
you know full well that my son was not drinking beer, so why say that i'm feeding him alcohol? what was actually going on, was that he has really good taste in music,(he was singing a wilco song), he's just not so great at hearing the right words.
how dare you attack a 4 year old. cowardly, that is.
you critisize us for airing our personal thoughts and feelings, yet you will quite happily read them all and comment on them
i just dont understand how this is fun or entertaining for you. i dont understand how you can look down upon me for sitting on the floor to eat, when you find it so easy to poke fun at people and make them feel bad? i really dont get it.
all you know of me is what you read, you really have no right to judge me as a person. im quite willing to meet you in person. but im sure you wont do that. it would be too easy for me to find fault with you then.
the thing is that im not like that. i dont go round other peoples websites and leave nasty comments, and i really dont understand what you get out of doing it

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