Wednesday, August 31, 2005


i'll be getting picked up in an hour and driven to the airport for my flight home to lovely lovely adelaide.
i've been walking around the fair city of melbourne for a few days now, mostly by myself too, and i've come to feel quite at home. i still dont think i could live anywhere but adelaide, but i found my way around without to much hassle and i didnt get freaked out by the amount of people around, so its all looking good.
i havent been to ikea this time, despite staying 5 minutes down the road from it, but i have been to many nice places, had many a good coffee and a couple of lovely breakfasts.

i'm on my way back to theresa's now, to pack up my stuff and wait for adrian

i'll be home in 4 hours.

leave the light on for me?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

he's just not that into you

i have been having such a wonderfully fantastic time. i havent laughed as much as i did on saturday night ina very long time.
theresa invited adrian and i to a housewarming party in kew. i cant remeber the guys name...dave? maybe? but he was a a chef and he made the most amazing tuna salad thing that was so incredibly tasty. go boys who can cook!
we went back to theresas house and had some vodka slammers. at this stage i had already had 2 label somethings...i dont know, but these slamming things were hardcore. its about an inch of vodka, a dash of lemonade, you swirl the glass around a few times and then bang it on the table. then you have to drink it down fast but its easy because the bubbles make it taste just like lemonade, and the bubbles also make you insanely drunk in about 2 seconds.
we wandered down to the terminus (bottom left) local sights.
there is a photo of hannah, theresa and i after out tequila body shots that i will post when i get home. yep. body shots. yep tequila. but carly, you say, dont you end up crawling on the floor after tequila? yes, yes i do. and did you? yes, yes i did.
i also was so drunk that when i looked down and saw mica's hand down my shirt, i just shrugged and went on with the conversation.
i ended up sleeping in theresas bed with theresa, adrian and brian. it was hot, sweaty and tight but we were all asleep so nothing could be enjoyed except for my snoring.
we slept a lot of sunday, and then went out for breakfast/brunch/lunch at idibidis where poor hannah had to work. i had a yummy yummy breakfast, and then bought a dress, which, as i was buying it, i proclaimed would 'get me some'

i am yet to 'get some'

some of you, one of you in particular, may think, 'hang on a sec, you got some. in fact, i was *there* when you got some' but when someone is just not that into you, it kinda doesnt count, no matter how nice it was.

when i posted sunday i barely had the energy to lift my arms to the keys. in fact, i had one arm resting on the mouse and the other was one finger typing.

its all good though. hanz invited theresa and i over for stirfry last night and it was very yummy. we had an earlyish night despite talking till one, and now today i am about to embark on an expedition of my own.

i am yet to meet up woth clem, or sherriff or ms fitts or any of those lovely people, despite the emails we're writing. it'll happen, maybe.

she said 'hey boy are you just in love with the idea of me?'

it was also suggested that perhaps i wasnt in love with a certain someone. perhaps i was in love with the idea of him. whatever it is, i am still not over him. that is blatantly obvious. and no amount of alcohol, pashing or sex with other people is going to change that.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

incapable of posting

that pretty much sums it right up

Saturday, August 27, 2005

sunny melbourne

here i am, posting from sunny melbourne. at least i will be when i get home and download all the pictures from my camera.
so far i have taken photos of the two guys i sat with on the plane (the matthew barker band), adrian, me in adrians room, our mega breakfast, a cripple pigeon, closely followed by a cripple lady with red pants, a cool home made cubby house playground and me and adrian blogging.

i got in at about quarter to ten last night and so far i've had a really nice time. i'll be catching up with theresa later on tonight. i informed her of my plans; to shop, kiss boys and get drunk, and she informed me that she can tick all those boxes. so yay me! sherriff is readying his lap for me but i have a sneaking suspicion that i wont get to visit it. i dunno, just a feeling.

adrians bed is really comfortable but the sunlight is really bright. it seems to be a bit of a pattern around here. every place where i crash on the bed/floor in melbourne has a sky light right above where i sleep. i did manage to sleep in until about 10 this morning hough which was nice for a change.

the guys who i met on the plane teased me about visiting libraries while i was here. asked me if it was my job to visit libraries in other states. i jokingly said that it was but here i am, in a library, typing away on the computer. im such a blogging nerd.

speaking of blogging nerds, hi vicki!! *waves* how are my kitties? behaving i hope. i know i have already said it, but again, i apologise for the state of my house. really tho, you know how messy i am so there is no excuse if you were expecting it to be clean.

adrians room is probably on par with mine in the messiness stakes, although mine is just more spread out since you could probably fit 2 and a bit of his bedroom inside mine. his place is really nice though.

im having a little bit of trouble thinking of things to write, but i dont want to give up my free internet time. oh free internet, how i love thee. i love the internetness and the freeness of you. will you marry me?

i just saw a little lost boy who was standing by the desk, calling out in a small voice 'mum, i cant find you. mum, where are you?' she answered him, but he still couldnt find her
'mum! come towards me. mum, i cant see you, please come towards me'
it was very cute and sweet, and then when i actually saw hin close up, we discovered that he was just a taller, slightly older version of eli. same hair, same style of clothes, same lovely little face. i miss my babies.

ok, well, we're off to enjoy he sunshine. im not not sure what we're gonna do but im sure it'll be fun. i'll update you on my three goals as soon as i can *wink*

*please visit adrians blog for updates on what i am good at*

Thursday, August 25, 2005


im going to melbourne tomorrow, did i tell you that already? oh, sorry :P

im a bit worried that my ride from scary melbourne airport in the dark has disappeared. i think its been about a week now since i spoke to him. last i heard he was heading off to a party with tim rogers and we all know that tim is known to say 'boy, i'm gonna fuck you like you wouldnt believe'*

here are some things for you to read and think about while i am gone. please miss me, you know you will

matt writes about the new jesus ads:

Get lost. Christians like nerds should have no confidence and should hide away with their little groups and not try to force it upon us. Just like the nerds have their Dungeons and Dragons games. You dont see nerds making ads saying 'i dont really dig dungeons and dragons but the orcs do make some good points'

i totally agree. that mum shits me so much, she says something along the lines of 'when i stopped to think about it, all those things i believe in are what jesus teaches us'. and i think to myself, good for you, good for jesus, you both agree on some things. but just because you both agree on some things, does not mean you have to turn into a preaching christian television ad.

you are not cool. king missile was wrong

humptylucy rules. she's rad. her comic blog is rad too. she's only 8 years old and she's amazing, i mean look at this picture entitled "Humpty dumpty sat on the wall, Jemima killed him before he had a great big fall"

and lastly a quote from the last book i read, lemony snickets, the slippery slope

"Taking one's chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck."

*in dreams

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

did you know?

this weekend i am zipping off to sunny melbourne. i'll be landing on friday night and hopefully i'll be spending the majority of the weekend pashing.
that is pretty much my plan for the entire weekend. pashing, shopping and drinking. who knows what order those things will occur, as long as they do, i'll be happy.

while i am out of my favourite state, vicki will be living in the paisley palace, caring for the psycho kitties. you know they're psycho, right? they're psycho. all three of us have scratches on our faces from them. on our faces. x and i have matching upper lip scratches, and im pretty sure they're both from banjo. we were both asleep at the time of the attacks, so we're unsure.

anyway, melbourne!

here are my key wishes for my trip


now, lets delve into the first one, pashing. i'd really like to pash someone famous. i was watching a bit of last man standing last night in between flicking back and forth to rove so i could see johnny depp (siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh swooooooooooooooooon), coincidentally writen by this sexy lady. and i was looking in the background at all the hot people. im going where these hot people are, you know. and i think id like to pash a few of them. and im thinking that since i'll be like a whirlwind, being thought of a slutty whore isnt that bad. pashing people for the weekend will not make me smutslut, it will just make me a better kisser what with all that practice.

yep, go me

shopping - i will of course be spending a great deal of time on bridge road while the lovely theresa works. i might buy something from her shop, but there isnt much on sale there. instead i will try and buy things i actually need....bwwaaaahahahahahaha, im so funny. i have been instructed to buy something for sharyn, and maybe if i buy something for vicki, this time i wont lose it. also, sexyclem's credit card groaned at the mention of shopping, but i know that it secretly loves the feeling of rushing through the eftpos slot and transferring its magnetically encrypted goodness through the electronic realm, not unlike mike tv.

drinking - that one pretty much speaks for itself, dont you think?

so if im quiet for the next few days, you'll all know why. but, i have a shiny new memory card for my camera and i will return with many a photo to show you all.

have a good week

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the secret house

secret housethis is the secret house
its where x and his friends, all boys, go to discuss important secret business. like keeping the water in the river murray

that is honestly what he just said to me

Sunday, August 21, 2005


on friday night i had planned to go dancing and get drunk. so when friday night came along and the people i was going to dance and get drunk with decided to go bowling instead i was a lil bit shitty.
so i had some tea, and then i messaged them and said 'lets get pancakes and go dancing'. so we did

i had yummy apple pancakes. oh! but parking first. while driving around looking for a carpark, we came up with the name of our band. 'parking is fun'. kirsty drove down a one way street where the only way out was through a pay carpark. instead of just driving the wrong way back down the street, she drove through the carpark, confused the man in the box, and then drove back around again until we found a suitable reverse parallel parking spot. parking is fun.

watching kirsty reverse parallel park is fun

when any of us get some talent and songs or album will be called 'selfish with paint' and it shall rule.

so we went and got pancakes and there was an interesting american accent that we wanted to look at but vicki said it wasnt as good as it sounded, so we sang tainted love instead and tried not to laugh too loudly while listening to the boys at the next table.

boy: so, how about your relationship with god. directly i mean, not through the church

we wandered down to the duke of york, all the while poking vicki until she cheered up. it didnt work. so we just kept poking her. i saw josh and roasty and found out that simon is coming back soon, and josh made me promise to call him, so i will.

i will call you joshy, soon

transmission was fun, i'll go there again. i saw dj craig and revealed myself as the anonymous commenter on hs livejournal. i was also introduced to modest mod and found that he wasnt so nasty after all. poor dear looked as tho he was fighting with his girlfriend which didnt look at all like fun. i hope everything sorts itself out.
we made talky with a group of underaged boys who were quite taken with our vibrator talk. i think we taught them a thing or two. the little blonde one even followed us home. cute. he'll grow up to be a nice boy, im sure.
since i have the boys whenever gosh! is on it'll be good to have a place to go on saturday nights. not that i could go to gosh! next saturday night anyway, because i will be in melbourne, yay!

theresa and adrian and hannah and clem and yay, i cant wait.

im sorry about the last post, i wasnt in the best of moods, im still not i guess, but i'm trying. work was good. they let me stay in returns and then do the holds list so i didnt have to fake my cheery at anyone. i seem to have frightened off james who is tending to favour the woodcroft library now. great. am i really that bad?

ok, i have to go, im freezing and im working tomorrow.

i hope the sun is shining, wherever you are
i couldnt decide on just one title for this post, so you, you lucky reader, get two

its more than a little pathetic and i'm sure i'll live to regret it the lucksmiths

and i've written pages upon pages, trying to rid you from my thoughts
the decemberists

im not a bad person. its taken me a long time to believe that when i say it, but im not. i think thats why its hits me so hard when people make me feel like i am.
i have a really hard time understanding and respecting the fact that people dont want to talk to me. its not that i think i am so wonderful, i just think that nothing that i have done could be so bad that i am banned from someone, and isnt life too short to be worried about things like that?
and i think thats why i am still at least on speaking terms with the majority of ex boyfriends/girlfriends. we had something, and for one reason or another it ended, but that doesnt mean its the end of the world, the friendship or in any way negates all the times that we had before the end.
just because the relationship has ended that doesnt automatically erase everything that happened between the two of you. sometimes i think it would be great if that did happen, but there arent a lot of instances that i want to forget.
maybe that comes from the fact that i dont have an awful lot of memories from before a certain age, maybe i try and hold tight to everything that happened afterwards to make up for it. i dont know.
one thing that would be nice right now would be the ability to listen to whatever song i wanted without the inevitable tears or blank stares that last for hours as some part of me disappears to wherever it is it has to go. perhaps i need to go for a while. maybe denying the listening and the disappearing is making it worse.
and do you know what is the stupidist part? the thing that im pining for, the thing that im missing and crying over, it wasnt even mine to begin with and it never could be. that was clear from the start. but i suppose there is some ever sparkling pollyanna inside of me that will keep on thinking that everything will turn out fine in the end. i hate pollyanna right now.
last night the thing i wanted to do most was go out, get drunk and kiss people until it didnt hurt anymore.
instead i stayed home, watched a dvd, made necklaces, ate cheese and managed to stop drinking before i got drunk. part of me wishes that i had kept on drinking. that now i would have a headache to think about instead of 'conversations' that were 'had' last night.
he is right though. he has tried every way possible. he's been nice, he's been rude, he's ignored me. but its that fucking pollyanna that cant see how it couldnt end up happy, that keeps a speck of hope shining up there. maybe he'll realise that im not so bad. maybe he'll call me one day to see how im going. maybe i'll be allowed to see him one day without either of us feeling bad, without either of us thinking the 'wrong' thing to do. because in the end thats what i want.
yeah, i want his lips on mine again, his hands on my skin, the feel of him against me. but more than anything i want to hear the friendship in his voice as he asks me about my day. i want to see his name on my phone when i get a message. i want to see him playing with my kids again and not have to lie to them when they ask about him. i dont want to wipe away tears when they ask me if he's coming over to play again.
is it unreasonable to want to be friends with people? perhaps it is in some situations.

why is it so hard to let go?
when you left, you took all my favourite songs with you

Saturday, August 20, 2005

and, as adrian says*...

what can i do tonight? i feel like going out and finding someone to kiss but anyone i could go ou with tonight is either not answering their phone or i dont think they would appreciate my wishes for the night.
i could stay home, eat cheese, watch movies and get drunk by myself which is also what i feel like doing, but aas* idle hands are the devils workshop. apparently it doesnt matter to him that he didnt say it first, it just counts that he said it and that i quote him, so there you go, i have fulfilled my duty.

dear adrian,
im sorry you had to listen to me sulking over things i cant control. i know i am better than that and deserve better than that but i cant help sulking over it occasionally.
thankyou for making me laugh

i'll see you soon

love carly

did you all just read that note? how nosy do you want to be? sheesh. surely you would have seen by the first two words that it was intended for adrian. oh, your name is adrian? well then, by all means, read away.

ugh. this still hasnt solved my problem. why wont anyone write back to my messages dog dammit!

Friday, August 19, 2005


last night kirtsy took me to marion for icecream. it was very romantic. when we were in jb hifi, there was a lady there trying to sell sony digital cameras and she stopped half way through her sentance to say

'oh my god! you look like kate from big brother' to which kirsty replied with a hearty laugh 'im so gonna call you bird cunt!'

this has been said to me before...looking like kate, not bird cunt...when i walked in to my mums birthday lunch everyone said 'yeah she does!' and as i frowned puzzled at everyone, my cousin said 'she does not look like kate from big brother, cos i'd fuck kate from big brother and i wouldnt fuck carly'


but anyway, an idea hit me last night, if i look so much like kate, maybe i could get into the 'cool' places for free by impersonating her. it was also suggested that i try to get into tims pants


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

waiting and wondering

im currently sitting at home waiting for personwhosnameimustnevermention and marc to come pick me up. they were supposed to be here at 9am to take me to their grandpas funeral.
i waited until 10 past and then called their house. i could have waited longer, given them the benefit of the doubt, but you should all know now that i hate being late and that personwhosnameimustnevermention is always late, so i thought a friendly reminder call to get their arses into gear may be in order. and hey, the dead wait for no one.
no answer
i call at 20 past
still no answer
personwhosnameimustnevermention left his phone at my house last night so i cant call that, so i call that, so i call marcs phone.
'yeah, we're at colonnades getting suited up. you know, buying shirts and ties'
at 20 past nine on the morning of your grandpas funeral when we have to be at 10:30 which is an hours drive away
and i've already told you, the dead wait for no one
'yeah, i guess we'd better get a move on'
it is now 9:47 and they're still not here
and you know, all i can think of is that while im at the funeral, my cat may be losing its fur because it rubbed up against me while my legs were covered in hair removal creme

Monday, August 15, 2005


ok, i would happily fuck the three of them (all at one, too) even though i find logan greg more attractive than logan david, and i think logan tim is the hottest out of all of them, but the original twins didnt have to win, did they?
wasnt this years big brother all about showing the fuckers who is cooler? ie, us? ie tim? the logans cant win. they shouldnt have won. tim should have won



you hear me????

theres a conspiracy at work here, let me tell you. according to gretel it was because the housemates took so long, but he phone lines were kept open an extra half an hour. and it was so close (so she says)but i think it was because the outcome wasnt what big brother wanted, so kept the lines open longer so more people could vote. im not sure how my theory works, but im sticking to it

and while we're in the spirit of buying me things, how about this and this for me to wear to work

Sunday, August 14, 2005


i really really really want these

if you buy them for me, i will touch you in a special place

Saturday, August 13, 2005

kirsty just messaged me

she's been at the plaster fun house since 11am today, painting a ned kelly for her uncles garden. it is now quarter past 3.concentrating kirsty this is what kirsty looked like when we left

the boys and i left there just after 12, with our newly painted fish and snakes. i havent named my new fish not as pleased with her as i was with gil. the boys painted identical snakes. they're not identical now, however, as e's wears a jaunty top hat and holds an australian flag, and x's has a pom pom and a gold necklace. e's is called megaman, and x'ss is called megablaster.

and now, a pictorial display of our day

eli starting offxander starting off

xanders name on the wallthe dot goes on the last one

gil, the magical first fishpenny, the so-so second fish

now, im busting for a wee. but i'll wee in a bit cos you all know how i like to put things off till the last minute.
i was just checking out my stuff on lavalife and this guy and i have smiled at each other but both of us are too cheap to buy credits to actually message each other. aaah, it must be love.

ok, wee time, tata!

Friday, August 12, 2005


eli is holding my new magnet. a pretty sparkly faerie.

me: do you like it?
eli: (nods) but i wont break it in half....and i wont eat it

Thursday, August 11, 2005

look it!

over there ----> some goodness before i start with the sadness

personwhosnameimustnevermention's grandpa died last night. i think the funeral may be tomorrow or monday. its all pretty sad. im really not looking forward to telling the boys, especially x.
last christmas x wouldnt even go near him because he thought he would die. and then he started crying because he as thinking about everybody else dying. i dont know that i can handle that again.

my mums 50th birthday was also the anniversary of my nannas death. you can read a...something...that i wrote about her here.

im really not good with words. im not good with them when they matter the most

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

carly is in a bubble and hopes one day to get out and see what the world has to offer

thanks to googlism

carly is a beautiful character and an excellently done texture set
carly is nominated for song of the year
carly is hot
carly is the "will rogers" of dogdom
carly is the almighty
carly is such a sweet thang
carly is an amazingly talented and beautiful gymnast
carly is allowed to
carly is dressed in a fashion that would be the envy of any courtesan
carly is one of the premier singers of our time
carly is a horrible mother
carly is rescued
carly is just like the perfect girl
carly is just keeping the secret for her own selfish game
carly is a thorough tearaway
carly is that nice
carly is the ultimate and this video transports you into her world
carly is beutifull/sexy
carly is so sweet
carly is wonderful around children
carly is sleeping beauty
carly is a third grader of superior cognitive potential who is struggling with a moderate attention disorder that is characterized by predominately
carly is going through hell
carly is nog erg wild
carly is not doing this to score points with sonny
carly is out
carly is a well
carly is a guy
carly is trouble
carly is stunned to find herself attracted to andrew
carly is brave and fearless
carly is going to music and art with the kindergarten
carly is not really dead
carly is alive
carly is always sweet as pie to me
carly is then cruely whipped and flogged until red welts are raised along her lithe body
carly is a regular on the road to romance
carly is away in her balance beam routine
carly is doing great and is 4 ½ years old now (shows what you know, im 6)

Monday, August 08, 2005

on the weekend

every monday morning, x and his class have to write about what they did on the weekend. today, its my turn


on the weekend i went to the plaster funhouse with kirsty and vicki. we had fun. i painted a box for my mum because it is her birthday today and i am going to give her the box for her birthday.
here is a picture of me painting my box
plastery fun

kirsty painted a hippo. it had boobs. she called it oprah

plastery fun

kirsty loves the plaster funhouse and we are going back there on saturday. i am going to take the boys this time.

vicki didnt take any photos of herself with her dragon ( barry ), but kirsty took one of her painting her name

plastery fun

here are me and kirsty being happy and excited to be at the plaster funhouse. from where we were sitting we could see the cars drive past, smile at the old ladies, and stare in amazement at the inflatable flowers across the road

plastery fun

at about quarter past one i ventured off to the airport to pick up pinochio, ie not a real boy. adrian has dainty little hands and is very gentle. he is a lovely boy.

we went for a walk down the beach and held hands. aaw, how cute and all that stuff :)

had tea at hawkers corner. yummy soup. i participated in the second spilling of liquids for the day, and then we walked all the way to fowlers.


in the cold

eating icecream

not my idea

but we made it anyway, and architecture in helsinki were rad. as were the belittle league and clue to kalo. i want all of their albums. and a brown t shirt.

we met up with james, the cute library boy, and we all had a lovely little dance to the boppy little ditties. james took us to the hut which is insane. let me set the scene.

you are walking along hindley street. its midnight, and as you look into the shop window, you see some wooden tiki men and a sign saying 'the hut' made out of bamboo. upon entering the establishment, you are warmed by the heaters and the glow of the lights. behind the counter is a lady who could easily be your mother or at least an aunty. she teases you for ordering a pot of plain tea, and sets about scooping some muddy water into half a coconut shell for your friend.
you take your tea and wander through the backdoor and find yourself walking on sand and surrounded by neon palm trees and listening to bob marley. please remember at this point that you are on hindley street.

welcome to bizarro world. it was cool tho and the tea was yummy. i spilled mine. spillage of liquids number 3. james drove adrian and i back to my car. we almost didnt make it cos james was so nervous that he had people in his car that he put the car into drive instead of reverse. aaahahahaha. yeah, i can laugh, i havent hit a letterbox for about a month.

oh, i just remembered. i managed to open my mouth and embarass myself twice. we walked into fowlers and alicia woodrow was there sellin stuff. i of course walk right up there and say 'i read your blog'. no, hello, my name is carly or anything like that. nope, just straight out 'i read your blog'. go me #1.
then adrian and i are looking around for james and i see sarah masters and aiden moyse. again, no hello. no remember me? just 'hey! you two are engaged, congratulations'. sarah was her usual giggly self and did remember me after a bit, and aiden was courteous and lovely of course. go me #2

had mums birthday lunch on sunday. was nice. you know, lunchy, then came home and watched garden state with adrian, dropped him at the train station, got the boys, came home, watched criminal intent...mmm, goran, then slept.

so, all in all a pretty cool weekend. im going to go warm up in bed for an hour or so before i get the kids again. hope you all had a splendid weekend

Sunday, August 07, 2005

some times i amaze even myself

i dont know what it is thats holding me back from driving to the bottle-o right now, but its doing a good job

Saturday, August 06, 2005

its ok so quiet

i have a feeling i shall be away from the computer over the weekend so there wont be any exciting news from the land of me. sorry. you'll just have to hold your horses, remeber patience is a virtue, and that you're a better door than a window...sorry, i just had flash backs of being at my nannas house.

i'm off to the plaster fun house in a litle while to make something pretty for my mummys birthday. she's 50 on monday and we're having lunch for her tomorrow. i'm going out tonight to see architecture in helsinki with the lovely library boy, and in a few hours i'll be meeting adrian.

busy busy girl.

so, as i said, blog will be quiet this weekend as you should never talk with your mouth full

Friday, August 05, 2005

desiderata too

stuck up in the toilets at work is this

Desiderata Too
Don’t go placidly amid the apathy and lethargy.
Remember that your silence is consent that there can be no peace where there is injustice.
You cant please all the people all the time so shout your truth from the mountain top.
And don’t accept nonsense from the bigoted, the ignorant and the self-serving.
Don’t avoid people who are upset. They may have good reason and your care and interest may make them less aggressive.
Be tolerant of the diversity that makes everyone special
And be aware that there are no persons greater or lesser than yourself.
Don’t live in the past or the future. Enjoy the present.
Don’t become obsessed with your career. It cannot give you security or possession of any thing or anyone.
Exercise trust in your dealings but be circumspect as the world is full of materialists.
Become yourself.
Express affection for all people and all species
But be sceptical about romance for it is as transient as a summer flower.
Don’t become tired in your ways and never surrender your sense of wonder.
Don’t be defensive. Be imaginative.
Fatigue and loneliness are born of fear.
Be rigorous in accepting responsibility for your actions and their consequences.
You are a child of your less than perfect parents and
Like the trees and the stars, Your time will pass.
And whether or not it is clear to you, things are not working out as well as they could.
Whatever you conceive God to be, also be aware that
Everything you do changes the world.
Dreams cannot be broken and they will give you no peace if you do not act with integrity.
Unfortunately, the world is getting uglier each day.
Be brave.
strive for the right of all people to make their own paths.

i look at it quite a bit. and when i hears about the lesbian conversation that had hopped and skipped its way around work, it made me think of this particular line

And don’t accept nonsense from the bigoted, the ignorant and the self-serving.

the fact that they were talking about me wasnt what bothered me. it was the fact that they saw my sexuality as something gossipworthy. and the thing is, im not even a lesbian. i know! surprise! actually, i am thinking about sex with a boy right now....

hehe, nice :)


i'm going to be giggling all day

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

karma chameleon

this is stuck above matts bed


1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
2. When you lose don't lose the lesson.
3. Follow the three R's:

* Respect for yourself.
* Respect for others, and
* Responsibility for all your actions.

4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
6. Don't let a little dispute injure a great relationship.
7. When you realise you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
8. Spend some time alone every day.
9. Open arms to change, but don't let go of your values.
10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
11. Live a good honourable life. Then when you get older and think back, you will be able to enjoy it a second time.
12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.
13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past.
14. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.
15. Be gentle with the earth.
16. Once a year go somewhere you've never been before.
17. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
18. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.
19. Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.

the dalai lama said it about this year and it sounds pretty spot on to me.
on a lazy day

one day i'm going to go through all the blogs on the adelaide index and read them

tintin bagi got a present from adrian today. a tin tin bag. looks like this.
thankyou adrian :)
i think it shall come in very handy when i go to melbourne. i shall pack it ful of things and use it to carry them. what a novel idea. i am ever so clever.
the parcel man remembered me and said that he'll deliver my parcels to this house now instead of matts even if they have mats address on them. that was nice of him, i thought.

so yesterday the owners of my house came around to discuss all the things that need fixing around here. two taps leak, the toilet leaks, some power points dont work. they arent major problems, but they're annoying and i have the right to have them fixed. actually, hang on, im gonna call the agents.

ok, she said there isnt much i cant do right now, and just to hold on till the next inspection which is in 2 months. the owner brought her dad and got him to do the fixing. i have nothing against old men, or against people doing their own repairs, but when i point out a problem like 'my bathroom tap drips 250mls of water every hour' and he says 'is nothing, next!' i get angry.

stupid stupids

Monday, August 01, 2005

so i was in the mood for a couple more pets

my pet!

got myself a tiger, and then thought i might like a penguin

my pet!

i demand that you poke him several times and then laugh heartily