Sunday, August 21, 2005


on friday night i had planned to go dancing and get drunk. so when friday night came along and the people i was going to dance and get drunk with decided to go bowling instead i was a lil bit shitty.
so i had some tea, and then i messaged them and said 'lets get pancakes and go dancing'. so we did

i had yummy apple pancakes. oh! but parking first. while driving around looking for a carpark, we came up with the name of our band. 'parking is fun'. kirsty drove down a one way street where the only way out was through a pay carpark. instead of just driving the wrong way back down the street, she drove through the carpark, confused the man in the box, and then drove back around again until we found a suitable reverse parallel parking spot. parking is fun.

watching kirsty reverse parallel park is fun

when any of us get some talent and songs or album will be called 'selfish with paint' and it shall rule.

so we went and got pancakes and there was an interesting american accent that we wanted to look at but vicki said it wasnt as good as it sounded, so we sang tainted love instead and tried not to laugh too loudly while listening to the boys at the next table.

boy: so, how about your relationship with god. directly i mean, not through the church

we wandered down to the duke of york, all the while poking vicki until she cheered up. it didnt work. so we just kept poking her. i saw josh and roasty and found out that simon is coming back soon, and josh made me promise to call him, so i will.

i will call you joshy, soon

transmission was fun, i'll go there again. i saw dj craig and revealed myself as the anonymous commenter on hs livejournal. i was also introduced to modest mod and found that he wasnt so nasty after all. poor dear looked as tho he was fighting with his girlfriend which didnt look at all like fun. i hope everything sorts itself out.
we made talky with a group of underaged boys who were quite taken with our vibrator talk. i think we taught them a thing or two. the little blonde one even followed us home. cute. he'll grow up to be a nice boy, im sure.
since i have the boys whenever gosh! is on it'll be good to have a place to go on saturday nights. not that i could go to gosh! next saturday night anyway, because i will be in melbourne, yay!

theresa and adrian and hannah and clem and yay, i cant wait.

im sorry about the last post, i wasnt in the best of moods, im still not i guess, but i'm trying. work was good. they let me stay in returns and then do the holds list so i didnt have to fake my cheery at anyone. i seem to have frightened off james who is tending to favour the woodcroft library now. great. am i really that bad?

ok, i have to go, im freezing and im working tomorrow.

i hope the sun is shining, wherever you are

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