Monday, August 08, 2005

on the weekend

every monday morning, x and his class have to write about what they did on the weekend. today, its my turn


on the weekend i went to the plaster funhouse with kirsty and vicki. we had fun. i painted a box for my mum because it is her birthday today and i am going to give her the box for her birthday.
here is a picture of me painting my box
plastery fun

kirsty painted a hippo. it had boobs. she called it oprah

plastery fun

kirsty loves the plaster funhouse and we are going back there on saturday. i am going to take the boys this time.

vicki didnt take any photos of herself with her dragon ( barry ), but kirsty took one of her painting her name

plastery fun

here are me and kirsty being happy and excited to be at the plaster funhouse. from where we were sitting we could see the cars drive past, smile at the old ladies, and stare in amazement at the inflatable flowers across the road

plastery fun

at about quarter past one i ventured off to the airport to pick up pinochio, ie not a real boy. adrian has dainty little hands and is very gentle. he is a lovely boy.

we went for a walk down the beach and held hands. aaw, how cute and all that stuff :)

had tea at hawkers corner. yummy soup. i participated in the second spilling of liquids for the day, and then we walked all the way to fowlers.


in the cold

eating icecream

not my idea

but we made it anyway, and architecture in helsinki were rad. as were the belittle league and clue to kalo. i want all of their albums. and a brown t shirt.

we met up with james, the cute library boy, and we all had a lovely little dance to the boppy little ditties. james took us to the hut which is insane. let me set the scene.

you are walking along hindley street. its midnight, and as you look into the shop window, you see some wooden tiki men and a sign saying 'the hut' made out of bamboo. upon entering the establishment, you are warmed by the heaters and the glow of the lights. behind the counter is a lady who could easily be your mother or at least an aunty. she teases you for ordering a pot of plain tea, and sets about scooping some muddy water into half a coconut shell for your friend.
you take your tea and wander through the backdoor and find yourself walking on sand and surrounded by neon palm trees and listening to bob marley. please remember at this point that you are on hindley street.

welcome to bizarro world. it was cool tho and the tea was yummy. i spilled mine. spillage of liquids number 3. james drove adrian and i back to my car. we almost didnt make it cos james was so nervous that he had people in his car that he put the car into drive instead of reverse. aaahahahaha. yeah, i can laugh, i havent hit a letterbox for about a month.

oh, i just remembered. i managed to open my mouth and embarass myself twice. we walked into fowlers and alicia woodrow was there sellin stuff. i of course walk right up there and say 'i read your blog'. no, hello, my name is carly or anything like that. nope, just straight out 'i read your blog'. go me #1.
then adrian and i are looking around for james and i see sarah masters and aiden moyse. again, no hello. no remember me? just 'hey! you two are engaged, congratulations'. sarah was her usual giggly self and did remember me after a bit, and aiden was courteous and lovely of course. go me #2

had mums birthday lunch on sunday. was nice. you know, lunchy, then came home and watched garden state with adrian, dropped him at the train station, got the boys, came home, watched criminal intent...mmm, goran, then slept.

so, all in all a pretty cool weekend. im going to go warm up in bed for an hour or so before i get the kids again. hope you all had a splendid weekend

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