Wednesday, August 03, 2005

on a lazy day

one day i'm going to go through all the blogs on the adelaide index and read them

tintin bagi got a present from adrian today. a tin tin bag. looks like this.
thankyou adrian :)
i think it shall come in very handy when i go to melbourne. i shall pack it ful of things and use it to carry them. what a novel idea. i am ever so clever.
the parcel man remembered me and said that he'll deliver my parcels to this house now instead of matts even if they have mats address on them. that was nice of him, i thought.

so yesterday the owners of my house came around to discuss all the things that need fixing around here. two taps leak, the toilet leaks, some power points dont work. they arent major problems, but they're annoying and i have the right to have them fixed. actually, hang on, im gonna call the agents.

ok, she said there isnt much i cant do right now, and just to hold on till the next inspection which is in 2 months. the owner brought her dad and got him to do the fixing. i have nothing against old men, or against people doing their own repairs, but when i point out a problem like 'my bathroom tap drips 250mls of water every hour' and he says 'is nothing, next!' i get angry.

stupid stupids

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