Friday, August 19, 2005


last night kirtsy took me to marion for icecream. it was very romantic. when we were in jb hifi, there was a lady there trying to sell sony digital cameras and she stopped half way through her sentance to say

'oh my god! you look like kate from big brother' to which kirsty replied with a hearty laugh 'im so gonna call you bird cunt!'

this has been said to me before...looking like kate, not bird cunt...when i walked in to my mums birthday lunch everyone said 'yeah she does!' and as i frowned puzzled at everyone, my cousin said 'she does not look like kate from big brother, cos i'd fuck kate from big brother and i wouldnt fuck carly'


but anyway, an idea hit me last night, if i look so much like kate, maybe i could get into the 'cool' places for free by impersonating her. it was also suggested that i try to get into tims pants


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