Saturday, August 27, 2005

sunny melbourne

here i am, posting from sunny melbourne. at least i will be when i get home and download all the pictures from my camera.
so far i have taken photos of the two guys i sat with on the plane (the matthew barker band), adrian, me in adrians room, our mega breakfast, a cripple pigeon, closely followed by a cripple lady with red pants, a cool home made cubby house playground and me and adrian blogging.

i got in at about quarter to ten last night and so far i've had a really nice time. i'll be catching up with theresa later on tonight. i informed her of my plans; to shop, kiss boys and get drunk, and she informed me that she can tick all those boxes. so yay me! sherriff is readying his lap for me but i have a sneaking suspicion that i wont get to visit it. i dunno, just a feeling.

adrians bed is really comfortable but the sunlight is really bright. it seems to be a bit of a pattern around here. every place where i crash on the bed/floor in melbourne has a sky light right above where i sleep. i did manage to sleep in until about 10 this morning hough which was nice for a change.

the guys who i met on the plane teased me about visiting libraries while i was here. asked me if it was my job to visit libraries in other states. i jokingly said that it was but here i am, in a library, typing away on the computer. im such a blogging nerd.

speaking of blogging nerds, hi vicki!! *waves* how are my kitties? behaving i hope. i know i have already said it, but again, i apologise for the state of my house. really tho, you know how messy i am so there is no excuse if you were expecting it to be clean.

adrians room is probably on par with mine in the messiness stakes, although mine is just more spread out since you could probably fit 2 and a bit of his bedroom inside mine. his place is really nice though.

im having a little bit of trouble thinking of things to write, but i dont want to give up my free internet time. oh free internet, how i love thee. i love the internetness and the freeness of you. will you marry me?

i just saw a little lost boy who was standing by the desk, calling out in a small voice 'mum, i cant find you. mum, where are you?' she answered him, but he still couldnt find her
'mum! come towards me. mum, i cant see you, please come towards me'
it was very cute and sweet, and then when i actually saw hin close up, we discovered that he was just a taller, slightly older version of eli. same hair, same style of clothes, same lovely little face. i miss my babies.

ok, well, we're off to enjoy he sunshine. im not not sure what we're gonna do but im sure it'll be fun. i'll update you on my three goals as soon as i can *wink*

*please visit adrians blog for updates on what i am good at*

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