Saturday, August 13, 2005

kirsty just messaged me

she's been at the plaster fun house since 11am today, painting a ned kelly for her uncles garden. it is now quarter past 3.concentrating kirsty this is what kirsty looked like when we left

the boys and i left there just after 12, with our newly painted fish and snakes. i havent named my new fish not as pleased with her as i was with gil. the boys painted identical snakes. they're not identical now, however, as e's wears a jaunty top hat and holds an australian flag, and x's has a pom pom and a gold necklace. e's is called megaman, and x'ss is called megablaster.

and now, a pictorial display of our day

eli starting offxander starting off

xanders name on the wallthe dot goes on the last one

gil, the magical first fishpenny, the so-so second fish

now, im busting for a wee. but i'll wee in a bit cos you all know how i like to put things off till the last minute.
i was just checking out my stuff on lavalife and this guy and i have smiled at each other but both of us are too cheap to buy credits to actually message each other. aaah, it must be love.

ok, wee time, tata!

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