Monday, August 15, 2005


ok, i would happily fuck the three of them (all at one, too) even though i find logan greg more attractive than logan david, and i think logan tim is the hottest out of all of them, but the original twins didnt have to win, did they?
wasnt this years big brother all about showing the fuckers who is cooler? ie, us? ie tim? the logans cant win. they shouldnt have won. tim should have won



you hear me????

theres a conspiracy at work here, let me tell you. according to gretel it was because the housemates took so long, but he phone lines were kept open an extra half an hour. and it was so close (so she says)but i think it was because the outcome wasnt what big brother wanted, so kept the lines open longer so more people could vote. im not sure how my theory works, but im sticking to it

and while we're in the spirit of buying me things, how about this and this for me to wear to work

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