Tuesday, August 30, 2005

he's just not that into you

i have been having such a wonderfully fantastic time. i havent laughed as much as i did on saturday night ina very long time.
theresa invited adrian and i to a housewarming party in kew. i cant remeber the guys name...dave? maybe? but he was a a chef and he made the most amazing tuna salad thing that was so incredibly tasty. go boys who can cook!
we went back to theresas house and had some vodka slammers. at this stage i had already had 2 vodka...somethings...black label somethings...i dont know, but these slamming things were hardcore. its about an inch of vodka, a dash of lemonade, you swirl the glass around a few times and then bang it on the table. then you have to drink it down fast but its easy because the bubbles make it taste just like lemonade, and the bubbles also make you insanely drunk in about 2 seconds.
we wandered down to the terminus (bottom left) local sights.
there is a photo of hannah, theresa and i after out tequila body shots that i will post when i get home. yep. body shots. yep tequila. but carly, you say, dont you end up crawling on the floor after tequila? yes, yes i do. and did you? yes, yes i did.
i also was so drunk that when i looked down and saw mica's hand down my shirt, i just shrugged and went on with the conversation.
i ended up sleeping in theresas bed with theresa, adrian and brian. it was hot, sweaty and tight but we were all asleep so nothing could be enjoyed except for my snoring.
we slept a lot of sunday, and then went out for breakfast/brunch/lunch at idibidis where poor hannah had to work. i had a yummy yummy breakfast, and then bought a dress, which, as i was buying it, i proclaimed would 'get me some'

i am yet to 'get some'

some of you, one of you in particular, may think, 'hang on a sec, you got some. in fact, i was *there* when you got some' but when someone is just not that into you, it kinda doesnt count, no matter how nice it was.

when i posted sunday i barely had the energy to lift my arms to the keys. in fact, i had one arm resting on the mouse and the other was one finger typing.

its all good though. hanz invited theresa and i over for stirfry last night and it was very yummy. we had an earlyish night despite talking till one, and now today i am about to embark on an expedition of my own.

i am yet to meet up woth clem, or sherriff or ms fitts or any of those lovely people, despite the emails we're writing. it'll happen, maybe.

she said 'hey boy are you just in love with the idea of me?'

it was also suggested that perhaps i wasnt in love with a certain someone. perhaps i was in love with the idea of him. whatever it is, i am still not over him. that is blatantly obvious. and no amount of alcohol, pashing or sex with other people is going to change that.

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