Saturday, December 29, 2007

well, last night was pretty gross

after having a headache and a sore back all day at work, i went home for a short nap and a shower. i was going to bens, to be a sounding board for the goings on of the last few days.

i did this job well, laying on his bed in the dark with my eyes closed because my head was still hurting and my back was still sore, so the listening part was achieved with the utmost excellence. what i had to listen to wasnt all that nice, but i suppose, not all that surprising

there are sad things in the world, and people are stupid ('and boys are shit!', says sharyn. yes sharyn, boys are shit)

we walked down to the wheatsheaf. my feet started to hurt straight away. i wasnt sure why. i wasnt wearing new shoes, they're shoes i always wear. by about halfway there i had to walk bare foot and, although it wasnt as bad, it was still hurties. we got inside and i hobbled to a couch where i sat down, listened to cookie baker, and put my glass of coke on the soles of my feet.

x rang. he was bored and missing me. it was 10 oclock, i told him to go to sleep. he's in a wedding today, with e. they'll be beautiful.

i had to go out the front of the pub to hear him. while i was sitting on the ground i noticed that i had huge blisters on the soles of my feet. so i popped them with a badge. and it was gross, but fun, because popping blisters, like squeezing pimples and pulling out splinters, is all fun.

i hobbled back to ben and tried to sleep on the couch again, listening to andrew p street. he played end credits. i love that song. then i started feeling really yucky. there was sweat all around my hairline and i felt woozy. i hobbled to the toilet but the bright was too much, so made my way back to ben.

i feel sick ben. i want to go home

so i got in a taxi. we were on south road when i told him to pull over. he says 'turn here?' i say 'pull over!' and spew into my hand while opening the door to spew outside. i dont know what was in my tummy, but it was gross. i apologised as he gave me eftpos roll to wipe my hands on. we made it to bens, i apologised again, paid and got in my car.

i got back out onto south road and my eyes started to freak out. the world was going from horizontal to vertical. i felt better in my tummy, but my head was not good. wearing my sunglasses seemed to help that a bit, and i drove home from thebarton to noarlunga at 11 at night with sunglasses on.

instead of christmas like it was last year, it was then that i realised i was alone and had no one. there was no one i could call to pick me up if i decided i couldnt drive anymore

so i kept driving

stumbling into my house, i have slept until 11 and while i cant walk anywhere because my feet are fucked, i dont really feel sick anymore. i do believe that i shall go back to bed now though. its ninites again

Monday, December 24, 2007

just because you got a new dress, doesnt mean you get all the boys

im part of the addicted to plastic community of blythe collectors. we had a christmas swap on the forum board. i sent off a couple of little felt skirts that i made with no patterns, no sewing machine and no idea, and a kite and a cat and a couple of other little cute things.

this is what i got in return from someone who actually can do stuff

here is amelia, modeling the new dress, jacket and clip


"it matches my eyes, it must be for me"

next, flora showing us the cute badge


she's a little bit miffed that amelia stole all the clothes.

and here is amelia realising that because she was a spoilt little bitch, kurt cobain troll has decided to hang out with flora for the day


which goes to show you that just because you have new clothes, doesnt mean you get all the boys

Sunday, December 23, 2007

say, if in your house, you had a toy room, what would be something you wouldnt expect to find in it?

the boys and i were watching harry potter and the order of the phoenix, when there was a tremendous bang up the other end of the house. i figured the cats were being spastics and ignored it, but then that noise started. that one which means cats are running around your house and you dont understand why and you dont even think they understand why. you know that sound? that was the sound.

i thought perhaps i should investigate

in the toy room, i found the source of the noise. clancy

she was...chirping? making small chirrupy noises. she was standing in the cupboard that holds the nintendo and looking at me strangely. i looked around the cupboard and couldnt find anything weird. nothing that could explain the ridiculous running around, anyway. then she jumped behind the cupboard and there was a flustery noise. i peeked behind. there was a dark shape in the corner. clancy was chirping again, and when i called her, she looked up at me and had a feather in her mouth

i removed clancy and had the boys stand guard incase any other furry creatures happened to feel like helping me, and rescued a small, very soft, very fluffy pigeon. we wrapped it in a tea towel and put it in a box with a saucer of water. e thought it would probably be hungry so he went and found a millepede for it. thoughtful boy.

after about half an hour, the box started jumping, so we took it outside and after a quick look around and a big deep breath, it was off into the air and over the fence

how the hell did it get in my house?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

house smells like melted burning plastic

its not pleasant

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

things that shouldnt be allowed

high heeled shoes on stupid drunk girls when i am out having a dance with my friends.

also, their stupid faces when they realise they've stepped on your foot AGAIN and you now have a massive chunk of skin missing and a large unsightly bruise

people are stupid


hand holding occurred again. and then he went home

people are stupid


sunday night, voldemort played with his new band supporting darren hanlon. another of those times when i can walk into a room and my past is all sitting there having a beer with each other. thankfully, i had ben and a nice group of people to sit with and talk to.
during this discussion, ben repeatedly referred to 'our band'. this would have been fine, except that the people we were talking to were in actual real bands and i felt a bit dumb saying that i had recorded songs. still, was nice to meet nice people.

dazz played an awesome set and laughed at my compulsive air drumming

and then it was time for home

quote of the night:
'what was the last name of that guy troy who went to high school with us and lived next door to me?'
'i dont know....mclure?'
'no, i dont think it was troy mclure'


busy thursday night? if not, come to the moonlight cinema to see jim sturgess...i mean... across the universe. get there early and join us for tasty treats, or late if you want to be anti social and just come for the movie

Monday, December 10, 2007

sometimes, i like to do puzzles. i particularly like them if ive only had to pay 50 cents for them.
yesterday i started this puzzle

and so far, i've gotten this much done

today, it got harder

what is that?'s you

of course it is

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a boy held my hand saturday night

it was weird, and kinda nice

Thursday, December 06, 2007

i know you're all wondering, so rather than make you ask me, i'll just let you know

i have a two story house in animal crossing, with a green roof. yesterday i caught a string fish which is worth 15000 bells, and i proclaimed myself awesome. this wasnt a learned behaviour, like teaching the rabbit to say 'jim sturgess' or the parrot to say 'tres bien', i did this all of my own accord.

then today i spent 32000 buying the moon. because, well, what if smurfette comes over and says she'll only marry me if i give her the moon? i'll totally be prepared

Sunday, December 02, 2007

surprisingly, especially considering my lack of sleep and the goings on of election day and subsequent reading of the local paper, im doing ok.
due to my not being able to find the prescription for my medicine, i was limiting myself to one tablet every two days, to see me through until my appointment on friday. when i told my doctor this i was expecting her to be a bit upset at me for messing with my medication, but she just asked me how i was going and as i recalled the last 6 weeks or so since my last doctors appointment, i realised that actually, i was going ok

dishes are getting done, washing is being hung out, as far as i can tell, christmas presents are finished and wrapping has begun. the kids had aquatics all week and i managed to rinse out their swimming gear every night and have it ready to go the next morning. i know that to a lot of you these things may come as second nature, and it could seem a bit strange to be talking about them as achievements, but when all you want to do is lay in bed and sleep, they are achievements.

miffy and i went to see hairspray at the moonlight cinema last night. it was TEH AWESOMES!!1!
we had a lovely dinner of potato salad, dip and pita bread, along with popcorn and maltesers for dessert. yummo. it was a lovley night, but we both admitted that as much as we are team awesome and, like, totally cool, it would have been nice to be snuggling with a nice boy.
the last time i was at moonlight cinema was with tom. we saw the spanish apartment

after the movie we went to jive for gosh and that was pretty darn good too. i havent goshed for ages, and neither had miffy. and it was good. i had fun. we had to move around the dancefloor a little bit as there were seriously annoying people everywhere. i have a bruise on my foot from being stepped on by a stilletto boot. she knew she'd done it too cos she turned around and looked at me and just laughed and kept dancing. whore faced bitch. also, one side of the rom seemed to be almost entirely populated by couples. we didnt need that side of the room

miffy decided she had had enough and got angry. with everyone. so we left. james needed a lift home, and as he is (as he rightly says) probably the nicest guy we'll ever meet, i gladly gave him a lift. james has a friend who is a girl. he buys her dresses and tickets to gigs. seems to me that as miffy and i are also friends of james' and also girls, that we should get dresses and gig tickets too. just saying

earlier this week i had told tom i was going to email him, but i didnt. he messaged and asked why not. i wrote back and said i was too scared

it was cos i was going to send this song

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