Sunday, December 23, 2007

say, if in your house, you had a toy room, what would be something you wouldnt expect to find in it?

the boys and i were watching harry potter and the order of the phoenix, when there was a tremendous bang up the other end of the house. i figured the cats were being spastics and ignored it, but then that noise started. that one which means cats are running around your house and you dont understand why and you dont even think they understand why. you know that sound? that was the sound.

i thought perhaps i should investigate

in the toy room, i found the source of the noise. clancy

she was...chirping? making small chirrupy noises. she was standing in the cupboard that holds the nintendo and looking at me strangely. i looked around the cupboard and couldnt find anything weird. nothing that could explain the ridiculous running around, anyway. then she jumped behind the cupboard and there was a flustery noise. i peeked behind. there was a dark shape in the corner. clancy was chirping again, and when i called her, she looked up at me and had a feather in her mouth

i removed clancy and had the boys stand guard incase any other furry creatures happened to feel like helping me, and rescued a small, very soft, very fluffy pigeon. we wrapped it in a tea towel and put it in a box with a saucer of water. e thought it would probably be hungry so he went and found a millepede for it. thoughtful boy.

after about half an hour, the box started jumping, so we took it outside and after a quick look around and a big deep breath, it was off into the air and over the fence

how the hell did it get in my house?

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