Sunday, December 02, 2007

surprisingly, especially considering my lack of sleep and the goings on of election day and subsequent reading of the local paper, im doing ok.
due to my not being able to find the prescription for my medicine, i was limiting myself to one tablet every two days, to see me through until my appointment on friday. when i told my doctor this i was expecting her to be a bit upset at me for messing with my medication, but she just asked me how i was going and as i recalled the last 6 weeks or so since my last doctors appointment, i realised that actually, i was going ok

dishes are getting done, washing is being hung out, as far as i can tell, christmas presents are finished and wrapping has begun. the kids had aquatics all week and i managed to rinse out their swimming gear every night and have it ready to go the next morning. i know that to a lot of you these things may come as second nature, and it could seem a bit strange to be talking about them as achievements, but when all you want to do is lay in bed and sleep, they are achievements.

miffy and i went to see hairspray at the moonlight cinema last night. it was TEH AWESOMES!!1!
we had a lovely dinner of potato salad, dip and pita bread, along with popcorn and maltesers for dessert. yummo. it was a lovley night, but we both admitted that as much as we are team awesome and, like, totally cool, it would have been nice to be snuggling with a nice boy.
the last time i was at moonlight cinema was with tom. we saw the spanish apartment

after the movie we went to jive for gosh and that was pretty darn good too. i havent goshed for ages, and neither had miffy. and it was good. i had fun. we had to move around the dancefloor a little bit as there were seriously annoying people everywhere. i have a bruise on my foot from being stepped on by a stilletto boot. she knew she'd done it too cos she turned around and looked at me and just laughed and kept dancing. whore faced bitch. also, one side of the rom seemed to be almost entirely populated by couples. we didnt need that side of the room

miffy decided she had had enough and got angry. with everyone. so we left. james needed a lift home, and as he is (as he rightly says) probably the nicest guy we'll ever meet, i gladly gave him a lift. james has a friend who is a girl. he buys her dresses and tickets to gigs. seems to me that as miffy and i are also friends of james' and also girls, that we should get dresses and gig tickets too. just saying

earlier this week i had told tom i was going to email him, but i didnt. he messaged and asked why not. i wrote back and said i was too scared

it was cos i was going to send this song

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