Saturday, December 29, 2007

well, last night was pretty gross

after having a headache and a sore back all day at work, i went home for a short nap and a shower. i was going to bens, to be a sounding board for the goings on of the last few days.

i did this job well, laying on his bed in the dark with my eyes closed because my head was still hurting and my back was still sore, so the listening part was achieved with the utmost excellence. what i had to listen to wasnt all that nice, but i suppose, not all that surprising

there are sad things in the world, and people are stupid ('and boys are shit!', says sharyn. yes sharyn, boys are shit)

we walked down to the wheatsheaf. my feet started to hurt straight away. i wasnt sure why. i wasnt wearing new shoes, they're shoes i always wear. by about halfway there i had to walk bare foot and, although it wasnt as bad, it was still hurties. we got inside and i hobbled to a couch where i sat down, listened to cookie baker, and put my glass of coke on the soles of my feet.

x rang. he was bored and missing me. it was 10 oclock, i told him to go to sleep. he's in a wedding today, with e. they'll be beautiful.

i had to go out the front of the pub to hear him. while i was sitting on the ground i noticed that i had huge blisters on the soles of my feet. so i popped them with a badge. and it was gross, but fun, because popping blisters, like squeezing pimples and pulling out splinters, is all fun.

i hobbled back to ben and tried to sleep on the couch again, listening to andrew p street. he played end credits. i love that song. then i started feeling really yucky. there was sweat all around my hairline and i felt woozy. i hobbled to the toilet but the bright was too much, so made my way back to ben.

i feel sick ben. i want to go home

so i got in a taxi. we were on south road when i told him to pull over. he says 'turn here?' i say 'pull over!' and spew into my hand while opening the door to spew outside. i dont know what was in my tummy, but it was gross. i apologised as he gave me eftpos roll to wipe my hands on. we made it to bens, i apologised again, paid and got in my car.

i got back out onto south road and my eyes started to freak out. the world was going from horizontal to vertical. i felt better in my tummy, but my head was not good. wearing my sunglasses seemed to help that a bit, and i drove home from thebarton to noarlunga at 11 at night with sunglasses on.

instead of christmas like it was last year, it was then that i realised i was alone and had no one. there was no one i could call to pick me up if i decided i couldnt drive anymore

so i kept driving

stumbling into my house, i have slept until 11 and while i cant walk anywhere because my feet are fucked, i dont really feel sick anymore. i do believe that i shall go back to bed now though. its ninites again

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  1. I could have taken you home! And I offered to go back in the taxi with you. I'm just saying, is all...

    I'm sorry that you had such an awful night, but thank you for coming over and listening to me. It was such a great relief to burden you with everything, and really, you are pretty amazing at listening.