Monday, December 24, 2007

just because you got a new dress, doesnt mean you get all the boys

im part of the addicted to plastic community of blythe collectors. we had a christmas swap on the forum board. i sent off a couple of little felt skirts that i made with no patterns, no sewing machine and no idea, and a kite and a cat and a couple of other little cute things.

this is what i got in return from someone who actually can do stuff

here is amelia, modeling the new dress, jacket and clip


"it matches my eyes, it must be for me"

next, flora showing us the cute badge


she's a little bit miffed that amelia stole all the clothes.

and here is amelia realising that because she was a spoilt little bitch, kurt cobain troll has decided to hang out with flora for the day


which goes to show you that just because you have new clothes, doesnt mean you get all the boys

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