Wednesday, October 30, 2002

we've worked out another song. it doesnt have a name yet, but here it is

caught me staring
i looked away
but my eyes explained
what my heart wanted to say

no matter what you say to me
no matter how well you hide
don't think you'll get rid of me so easy
i always promised i'd stay right by your side

grabbing for excuses
falling into reasons
i don't know and i dont care
why you're saying this to me

thought maybe there could be
a second chance for me
another go at 'us'
maybe this time we'd make it last?

start ordering food for one
no one else to enjoy the sun with
my friends say i should give you up
after this long, you know, its hard to stop

grabbing for excuses
falling into reasons
i don't know and i don't care
why you're saying this to me
why you're saying this to me
why you're saying this to me
why you're saying this to me
well, this morning xander broke a piece of plastic off of the torch. i wasnt mad at him, i just said, 'pass it here matey and i'll put it away so it doesnt break again'. he then said 'stop being mean, i'll stick this up your vagina'

where the hell is he getting that from?

i dont want him to be a nasty kid, why cant he just be nice?

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

could everyone please put their hands together *again* for sean, who fixed the pretty pictures here. maybe it wasnt looking broken to you (if you have a mac, that is), but to me there was a big stupid white stripe (the ugly one that wasnt allowed in the band because he could actually play and sing. was that mean? i like the white stripes, i just think they're funny, especially meg) between the links and stuff and the faeries. but now theres not, so yay :)
yaaaaaaaaay sean, thankyou :)
matty loves vincent donofrio

i'm supposed to take off the link to his blog cos he doesnt want people thinking strange things about him. hee hee. i'll do it, but just know that he LOVES the guy from law and order so much he even contemplated calling up a radio station when they were asking people to ring in with their mancrushes.
hello everyone, and welcome to summer. it is just past 10 am and we have already reached a temperature of around 25 degrees. the top estimated temperature for today is 28, but i am sure that it will be highter. this morning was so hot, you cant even sleep in, no matter how tired you are. the ceiling fans are whirring around and water is the drink of the day. i could only drink hlaf of my cup of tea this morning, so already the day is off to a bad start. if i cant have a cuppa, i dont function right. back to the day. i went outside to pick some lemons and when i opened the door the hot hit me and it almost hurt. bad BAD weather. stop chasing away my rain and clouds, i dont want your perfect blue skies and searingly hot sunshine. GO AWAY! IT'S NOT EVEN NOVEMBER YET!

Monday, October 28, 2002

well, this weekend was matts birthday and also lyndells. it was a big one for both of them, lyndell turning 18 and matt turning 'a quarter of a century', 'five years from 30', 'half way to 50', 'its only 15 years till i'm 40, i remember 15!!!!'. i'll start from saturday. so saturday, we drove around a bit, looking for somewhere we could sell an old tea chest we have. we bought it for $65 a couple of years ago and the most anyone was willing to give us was $50, so we didnt sell it. would have come in handy for sydney, but, oh well. i guess if we dont have the money then we cant spend it on crap. so instead of getting som extra money, we went op shopping and bought stuff. we had to meet brett at the bakery, so while we were waiting matt and i went to the schitzo shop (schitzophrenia association op shop) and they were having a half price sale. so, we got a denim jacket for me, two shirts for matt, two t shirts for eli, a pair of shorts for eli and a pair of shorts for xander, a masters of the universe quilt cover and a raggedy anne and andy pillow case. all for........$11. how good is that.
then we went to lyndells party. i wore a cute top and got complimented by lots of people. lyndell noticed i was wearing make up and was very proud of me. and she loved her presents. we got her a stuffer purple unicorn that has 'something' about it so i had to get it. you know how some toys just seem to have a personality? anyway, a unicorn, some earrings, a bracelet and a cute pink and white belt with silver stars all over it. and i know that she really did like her presents cos she was wearing her bracelet the next day when i saw her. i saw a guy i went to school with at the party, ben de hoedt. he's cool. he was like us, not a lot of friends, considered a freak, that sort of thing. and we all used to hang out in the art rooms at lunch and recess so, obviously we drifted together in a friendish sort of way. he's cool. he's in a band that i cant remeber the name of and they're doing really well, playing in adelaide, sydney and melbourne heaps often. good to see us geeks doing well for ourselves.
josh tremwith was there too, and he told us that his band, 'a tribe is forming', was playing with ben's band, 'the seeds of babylon', that night at the glenelg surf lifesaving club. i'll tell you a story about that place later. ben and rachel are going overseas in january for a year to 18 months, maybe even 2 years, so i wanted to see them while i had the chance. they are so cool. i'm really not into hip hop, regge, or death metal much or at all, but strangely a mixture of these things seems to work for me. i danced all night and had a good time. then it was '2am daylight savings style' so we decided to head home. we thought we'd just walk until we got a taxi. 4.2 kilometres later, (as measured on the way home the next day) we found one that was happy to pick us up. my legs were very sore and i slept well. except that its virtually impossible to sleep in at matts parents house, so we were awake at about 8.
we went to a toy fair at...somewhere, mind blank....anyway, it wasnt very good. there was anly a few star wars guys, and they were mostly either episode 1 or the green backed know, the ones when they're al muscly and he-man looking. ( wow, 2 mentions of masters of the universe in one posting :) ) power of the force, thats it. i did get 4 smurfs, some weird hologram magician thing and matt got these little orange guys and purple guys who have pointy heads and carry clubs. both of us recognise them but neither of us can remember what they are.
on the way to paddy's markets i saw a man in a car eating a cucumber. we decided that there wouldnt be many people in the world that could have the coversation we had about this man.

look, that man's eating a cucumber
nice snack
honey, im just popping out, i'll grab a snack for the way
can you grab me something while you're out, im feeling a bit peckish
yeah, can you grab me a cabbage?
dad, dad! i want a squash
no, you had a squash earlier, you can have a tomato
tomatos are fruit, dad, i want a vegetable!
and no, you cant have a whole pumpkin to yourself, you can share one with your brother
dad!, this is a lebenese cucumber, i ordered a continental one!

yes.......did i mention we didnt get a lot of sleep the night before?

so, we're at the markets and matt finds these two 'cheweys' at a crappo chinese stall. i cant remember what they're called, but its like, universe somethingorother. they're basically grey chewbaccas that look like when he's being a bounty hunter in expanded universe or power of the force or whatever. matt also bought a voltron? no....thundercats....the cartoon with all those cat things with people in them that joined together to make a big robot thing. he had all of them except the blue cat, the figures and some of the little things but he found most of what he needed from movie maniacs today for pretty cheap. i got a snow globe of the space needle, seattle washington. it even comes with rings that you have to try and get to land on top of the space needle. i also got the second to last christmas present for sean at one of the toy shops there. i hope he doesnt already have this, but i shouldnt think he does, it looks australian made, so i should be safe.
after that we went back to matts mum and dads and decided to go down to semaphore for fish and chips on the beach. we had a nice time. xander played on the playground and eli ran around chasing the seagulls. there was a tiny tint jack russel puppy or some sort of little dog. i dont usually like little dogs but this one was cute. matt wanted a big lick icecream. there a place there where if you get an icecream with 5 or more scoops, i think it is, you get your photo taken and put in a book there. theres pictures of matt, marc and rikki there. funny.
we got back home and gave matt his birthday presents. the boys made him a card and so did i, and we got him tickets to darren hanlon, a marvin gaye cd, a read-a-long empire strikes back book and a question and answers book about space, featuring c3po and r2d2.

ok, surf life saving club story. back in about 1997, perhaps? no, must have been earlier cos i was underage...95 maybe....everyone used to go to the bay surf club. its on the beach at glenelg and its a cool place to go. local bands like the bearded clams, wheres the pope?, testeagles and the numbskulls used to play there almost every weekend. i think the weekend im thinking about was all those bands except the testeagles. it was an infamous night that since then, everyone you meet says that they were there. the place was packed to way more than was supposed to be in there. people, ( matt and his friends) pushed a big bin over to the wall and climbed up and into one of the second floor windows, into the main room, and landed next to the band while they were playing. i reckon i saw 20, maybe even 30 people get in through that window. there was crowdsurfing that was so rough that people were kicking the polystyrene ceiling tiles out of the ceiling. the girls toilets got clogged with toilet paper while the boys went a step further and broke a toilet out of the floor. it was a big night. they had to shut the place down after that....i wonder why?
fur.....when you stroke it i purr.......when you poke it i grrrr.....

grover, zoe, elmo and harry - sesame street

Saturday, October 26, 2002

oh yeah, and one more thing, a nice policewoman came to my door last night to deliver my court summons. so all that, 'oh, dont worry, get over it, it'll be fine' stuff was just another piece of crap.
the whole world is crap. im sick of all this sniper stuff, then there's the bali bombing, the two people murdered in the city, one of which matts cousin saw, and now i wake up to find out that the girl who lives with brett and kristin, monica, her aunty was murdered last night. i've really had enough of this you know. id go live on a boat if i wasnt so afraid of drowning. watching titanic last night didnt help either. i mean, i had to watch three hours of leonardo dicaprio which was bad enough, but as soon as those people went under the deck? is that what you say? anywhere downstairs i freaked out. yes, hello, im claustrophobia girl, nice to meet you....that is unless you are a psycho murderer intent on making the world we inhabit even worse. i need a holiday

Friday, October 25, 2002

like a true addict i had to have one last hit. i bought a packet of sprinkles on wednesday and i didnt tell anyone. i've been having faerie bread a couple of times a day since then. i wont be buying sprinkles anymore. i hope there is no faerie bread at playgroup today.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

oh, and on the subject of people who used to talk to me and keep in touch who now dont because they seem to be preoccupied with other things.....MARK!!! CAM!!!! write back!!!!

*smiling sweetly...i am nice, really....i promise.....*
my mum just sent me a message saying that she was in bells beach.
i'm in christies beach.....doesnt seem to have the same ring to it, does it...
i think i fell asleep at yoga today. i had a really good lesson too,i got pretty much all of the poses without straining too much, then we laid donw for our relaxation. so i'm laying there, listening to kashanti talking about something to do with yoga and when i open my eyes for a second, everyone is sitting up and doing stretching. oops. i walked out of there very refreshed though.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

something weird happened in 1985. i think something bizare went on at my school and they've tried to cover it up. my reasons for thinking this are that i don't have any school photos from 1985. no single photos, no class phots, nothing. adding to that, sharyn doesnt have any either. we were in different classes, so it's not like they just lost one class worth of photos. and i'm sure if they did, the parents would have complained. im thinking conspiracy. my main reason for thinking this is that 1985 was a come out year. come out 85. i remember because it had been painted on the big concrete upright tunnelly tube things full of really hard sand that were supposed to pass for play equiptment up at the corner of the oval that had all the shoddy equiptment, like the a-frame and all that. i should probably explain come out. it's a youth festival held every two years. most schools do something or other for it. im sure that our class, being year threes and all, probably did something like dress our bikes up with streamers and balloons and have a parade on the quadrangle and have all the bigger kids laugh at the lameness of our come out festivities. but mr tennant, who was the scariest teacher because he yelled, but the coolest teacher cos he let his class put on plays, did this really cool thing for come out. now, i may be exaggerating, or remembering this in a waaaaaaay bigger way than it really happened. but i am sure that he covered his entire classroom in aluminium foil and turned it into a space ship. i am even sure that he had flashing lights that werent just torches stuck through holes, covered in celophane with some kid behind it turning it on and off.
i dont know why this makes it a conspiracy, but i'm going back to my shcool to find out where my photos are. i'll update you when i can.

this is me, signing off

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

so i went out the back to check on the kids, and xander is mowing the lawn with a plastic lawn mower, telling a story into his boba fett watch about how he was buzz lightyear, i was woody and eli was ham the pig. then he started this long, alomst incomprehendable story about how he stood on a poo like the girl who thats what happened and the girl like dais and the poo thats what happened and then i stepped in it...(then he sees me)...wanna see my foot? that what happened. i look over to see elijah and daisy standing opn either side of the bbq, licking it.
i dont think there are kids anywhere in the world who are like mine
"Do you have a library card? Cause I would like to check you out!"

*cant stop making this stupid giggling hehehehe sound now

wednesdays child
when i was at highschool, i think it was year 11, sharyn, karlie and i were called witches. instead of being upset and angry about this, we decided that it was the funniest and coolest thing that had happened to us in a long time, and played along with it. it was mainly the boys who sat in the back row in our maths class. wade, adam...i cant remember the rest of their names....but it was mostly wade anyway. we were in mr dempsters class. he was a cool teacher, especially for a maths teacher. he'd continually put up with my not understanding a single word he said, and also my lame excuses for why i shouldnt need to learn maths. 'but mr dempster, im never going to be a farmer, so i'm never going to know how many metres of wire i'll need to fence in my chickens and cows....i dont need to learn this stuff....'. he was also cool because he knew that i 'loved' chris elze, so if we ever had to be put into groups, he'd always put me with him. anyway, we'd stare at wade at lunch time. not in a 'oh my god he's so cute' way, but in a 'yep, you know we're witches wade, you guessed it right, now you'd better watch out'. we used to ask people if we could have a bit of their hair, since, you know, we were making a hair jacket. some people even gave it to us. we had it stuck in the back of our school planners with their names written next to it. we'd also seem to bump into wade wherever we went. that wasnt planned, it just happened. we'd treat him the same way, but we'd smile and wave as well. we couldnt do that in school, because 'we werent really cool enough to be seen actually talking and interacting in a way that wasnt him paying us out and us being upset about it.' *ahem* mr dempster told us he thought they were doing it because they loved us. in the same way that in primary school, boys hurt you or teased you when they 'liked' you. when i was in primary school, i had a birthday party at my house and thses boys from down the road were throwing rocks at us. their older brother came up and told them off, saying to my mum, 'in a few years time, they'll be asking for their phone numbers'. the funniest part was that in year 12, sharyn and karlie went over there and had breakfast with one of the guys.

Monday, October 21, 2002

taken from the whitlams website
tour dates are as follows:

Fri 29 Nov 02 Governor Hindmarsh Htl
59 Port Road
Hindmarsh, SA 2 shows
Early & Late


i'm there and i'll be wearing a cleavage revealing top......*note to self, buy a cleavage revealing bra

Friday, October 18, 2002

Correspondance With Frosted Flakes

Mr. Zaruba,

Here at Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, we appreciate the time you've taken to write our public relations depertment. Interest in our company and our products is always appreciated. You inquiry was entertaining and included are answers to your questions.

Tony the Tiger is a cartoon character and we haven't delved very deep into his character. So it is undetermined whether or not Tony the Tiger has been neutered.

As for your inquiry into "who would win in a fight between Tony the Tiger and Dig 'Em the Honey Smack frog", we unfortunately cannot determine who would the the victor. However, in real life, a tiger would eat the frog.

Tony the Tiger is not "booted out of his melon on double-rich black tar heroin."

We have no plans now to have Tony the Tiger contract Mad Cow disease, attack a child in an insane, hallucinagenic rage and rape an unopened box of Honey Combs.

Again, we thank you for your inquiry.

Harold Mitchelscott,
PR Agent/Kelloggs Cereal
12:52 AM

he he he he

what green tastes like

Thursday, October 17, 2002

update and publish, damn you!

i am full of ceaser salad
i slept in today. im sposed to be at yoga now. no, actually, im supposed to have finished yoga by now and be on my way to my mums house. im so tired. eli has to learn to go to bed at a reasonable hour. i need quiet time. i'm sleepy.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

yay!!! i just won the new machine gun fellatio album, paging mr strike :) and all i had to do was fill out a survey. maybe my luck is looking up? first i won an entry ticket to the powerhouse museum, now a cd, and they say things come in threes.....*goes off to enter some more competitions*....

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

waaaahoooooooooooooooooo! i love presents :)
thankyou sean and thankyou holly for sending us such lovely gifts. i've already caled matt and teased him about how hie presents are sitting on our kitchen table and he is at work. yeah, i know it was mean, but he knows im only teasing.

thankyou guys :)

your parcel will be on its way in due time.....

Monday, October 14, 2002

in our sunday newspaper, the sunday mail, theres a kids section called possums weekly. kids can send in jokes and pictures, and theres a poets corner. here is a poem by brianna lattuca. it is a prime example of the types of poems you'd expect to find in possums weekly.

a hippo named herbert
escaped from a zoo.
ignoring the traffic
down the highway he flew.
he passed by the baker,
the butcher and the bank.
then jumped into the fountain
and silently sank.
all the people around stood
still to laugh
at the hippo named herbert
who weas taking a bath.

now, brianna has done a surprisingly good job here. i must say that the calibre of poems this week was quite high. its usually full of a cat sat on a mat wearing a hat with a bat hello said the cat hello said the bat and that was that, or something like that.
mabel warner, on the other hand, wrote this poem that almost made me cry

he said
i shuffled
my feet
and kept a close
watch on my shoes.
he was talking,
i was listening.
but he probably
thought i was
because i never even
lifted my head,
because i did not wanthim
to see
the mess mascara
makes when it

doesnt that make you want to cry? poor sad girl, i know how she feels
things that i think are really good :

pocket rockets
(giggles wondering how on earth these 4 things are related)
hot showers
soft grass
cool breeze
blankets and quilts
pillows (said the cute was i say it)
pillows (said the way everyone else says it)
have i said sprinkles, like, 3 times already?
now ive said sprinkles 4 times, 5 including that time
i meant faeries of the winged variety, not another word for gay people
i thought you may have thought i meant 'gay faeries' since i said geeks afterwards, like i was starting on a list of 'types of people' i like
but i wasnt
i just meant faeries
i also like gay people
i wish i had a group of friends like the guys on queer as folk
i mean, exactly like them
ive sort of gone off topic, huh

Sunday, October 13, 2002

'dad! quick! eli is making a spoon mess!!!!!' - xander

Friday, October 11, 2002

i met with robert, the movie guy, and john who is playing the part of the detective. i was suitably weirded out. they are bizrre. they both do a LOT of thinking. a lot of silent,staring thinking, and i just sat there and inwardly said, yeeeeeeeeeeeees, and fidgeted uncomfortably. they seem ok enough though, and they're going to have an accent workshop on sunday for me, john and julie who is someone else in the movie, so i think thats a good sign. if they're willing to help us. so, filming will be next sunday, at 6am at norwood, which is like, half an hours drive away. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i dont wanna get up early :( but i will, cos im a proffessional and i want to do this. i have to write back to mark, the other movie guy about his script. its pretty lame, but i think i'll do it anyway to get stuff on my resume. you never know, maybe it'll turn out good. might do.
anyway, an update on the mouse situation. we caught mice 13 and 14 last night. they were like twins, it was amazing. i heard the trap go, and then xander woke up all sooky and still asleep cos he was having a bad dream and i thought, since im up, i'l check on the mice. so tiny and so the same. poor little guys just sitting there all shakey. i didnt give them any food though cos matt got a bit snarky at me for feeding them last time :) so then later on, like a couple of hours later, i hear the trap go twice more, and since im still kinda sleeping, i start thinking about getting up in the morning and finding that the trap is completely filled with mice and that our house is gonna end up like the mice plagues that they have on the farms. matt gets up in the morning and tells me that the mice have vanished. vamoosed. the little buggers worked out how to get out of the trap and escaped. well, i always knew they were clever, not as clever as rats, but still clever.
i think we're gonna save up for one of those electronic sonic mouse systems or whatever they're called. you plug them in and they emit sonic rays? im probably wrong, but, something that travels along the electricity lines in your house and mice and bugs dont like it. they're about $70, but i think if we get up to mouse 20 or so, matt might be having enough of the little guys.
now im gonna go and listen to catdog cos my eyes are hurting.
by all :)

Thursday, October 10, 2002

after i finish my cup of tea and put pants on my kids, we are going to go for a walk and release mousies 10 and 11.....yes 10 and 11 up near the shops in a huge thing of ivy.
i hope they like it there.
i hope they like the carrot i gave them earlier, too

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

well, have a guess what? ( this is space for you to guess ) i just got a phone call from a guy doing a film and he wants me to be in it. yeah, i know, cool huh. i am the single mother of a young boy who lives in the apartment next to the detective. its set in the 50's and i can either be really dowdy or fully dolled up but in a trashy way. i have to dress myself and do my own hair and makeup so links to good sites with good pics would be most appreciated. as would ideas on what a mid western/ pretty basic/ not over the top american accent sounds like.

Monday, October 07, 2002

sean is the best computer geek guy i have ever met. please direct you computer needs to him here

Sunday, October 06, 2002

i'm a bit scared because i'm kinda getting into dance music. i really like paul mac. he's cool. and when ive seen him on tv, he has a band with him, and actually plays his keyboards and gets someone to sing live. he's cool. sonic animation are good too. on john safran music jamboree, they have a segment where they get a band to play one of their songs using a strange, uncommon, overseas instrument. sonic animation played some weird guitar thing i think to their song e-vile. i havent heard the original, but matt said it was way different to the version they did on john safran. i liked the john safran one.
*singing like steve from blues clues*

i just got a tag board
i just got a tag board
i just got a tag board
wonder who will sign?

well, wonder no longer, for twas me! i made the tag board, i chose the colours and i put it where it goes so i am the first one to write on it. yeah! and i did it all by myself to, so tag away my fellow friends, fill my board with your thought and feelings, your highs and lows, your darkest secrets and your deepest desires....or, alternatively you can write about boobs like seans tag board, or semen like hollys tag board....go crazy
matt (to eli) - hi peni
xander - its not peni, it's penijah, with a y to the 9

what the fuck


Thursday, October 03, 2002

im grumpy today. my inside bits are hurting. im supposed to be all excited about going out tomorrow, and i am, but it'll probably raining so sharyn will complain and we'll end up having a crappy day. as well as that, xander broke my purple chair today so now we only have one kitchen chair left. hopefully we'll find some nice* ones on the weekend.

*really good quality art deco chairs that some old lady has put out for council pickup and when she sees us take them she comes outside and offers us a drink. we go in and we tell her how much we love her huge art deco house and she tells us the reason she's throwing out her furniture is because her mean children are planning on sending her to live in a nursing home, selling her house, bulldozing it and making it into flats, but now that she sees that we genuinly love her house and her furniture, she says that she'll give us her house as long as we visit her once a month in the nursing home and bring the kids cos she loves little kids. we say, yeah, no worries, of course we will, thankyou so much and poke our tongues out at her kids as we move our stuff in and they stand on the foot path frowning and shaking their fists at us.

on another good note, buffy was on on tuesday night and it was the one when amy turns herself into a rat to get away from the MOO (mothers opposed to the occult) cos they all think that willow, amy and buffy are witches. anyway, my point was that seth green was in it. mmm, seth green. i miss oz :( i do enjoy willow being a lesbian though.....maybe i should be in the show and go out with oz, and we can have a threesome with willow....theres an idea that could go all the way

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

we caught two tiny tiny baby mousies last night. i heard them fall into the trap. and then i could hear them running around like little freaks, biting at the metal, trying to get out. there was another one running around and looking at the trap but it didnt get in. matt took them with him to drop them off on his way to work today. i havent spoken to him yet so i dont know how they are or how they were this morning. i hope they didnt have a little mousie heart attack or something from the stress.

'well, i'm just going to go trade my cow for some magic beans'

xander - buffy, gingerbread, when the scooby gang realise that in this episode, fairytales are real

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

from the back of my toilet paper packet :

a story
a long time ago there was a man with a dream to make toilet paper for the public.
he was very particular with what he used and thus the search for a quality product.
what you are using is the product of a 2 ply experience. the people loved twinkle toilet paper and made this small australian company into a household name.
when they thought of toilet paper, they thought of twinkle, the toilet paper man.

available in regular or double length rolls.

please try our other fine products

toilet paper man.

queer as folk is speedily becoming my favourite show ever. each time i watch it i love it more and more. although this may change tonight since re runs of buffy: season five start tonight so that means that in about 3 months we'll be seeing the new buffys and i am so so SO excited about that. still, i love queer as folk. love it love it love it. i love all of them, mikey, brian, ted, emmet, justin, the lesbians, (brown hair lesbian and blonde hair lesbian since i can never remember their names), all of them. i cant decide who i love the most. i tend to be partial to one or two each episode, but then the scene will change and i'll like another one better.
last night, i did find one...well, not fault exactly, but one thing that i thought could have been done differently, but i guess its in the storyline so it had to be that way. but all that 'god loves you the way you are' stuff. it irks me. who cares what 'god' thinks of you as long as you think you're alright.
i'm getting the new you am i album on friday. yay yay yay!!! it comes with a free t shirt. in melbourne they're getting a t shirt, cap and badge. fuckers. he he he. well, they suck, so yeah. i want a t shirt cap and a badge. we're also going to be bra shopping and looking for a formal dress for lyndell's graduation. i dont know what i'll be shopping for. i dont really need anything. well, i do. i need just plain t shirts. but i'll end up buying some gypsyish thing for way too much money. i just want to make sure we go to all the secondhand places first before we hit the department stores. even though i bet we'll spend most of our time in target, i want tomake sure i dont give my money to corporate whorebags like myer and david jones when i could have given it to the girls of irving baby.
i just guessed the password to seans irc nick. i am amazing. and before you all start yelling at me for being nosey, it was because someone else was using it, so i thought id try and get it off them.

i can now be kaled if i so choose to be

i used to think that that was seans real name. i even asked him and then i felt stupid when he said it wasnt.

i still think its a cool name