Tuesday, October 01, 2002

queer as folk is speedily becoming my favourite show ever. each time i watch it i love it more and more. although this may change tonight since re runs of buffy: season five start tonight so that means that in about 3 months we'll be seeing the new buffys and i am so so SO excited about that. still, i love queer as folk. love it love it love it. i love all of them, mikey, brian, ted, emmet, justin, the lesbians, (brown hair lesbian and blonde hair lesbian since i can never remember their names), all of them. i cant decide who i love the most. i tend to be partial to one or two each episode, but then the scene will change and i'll like another one better.
last night, i did find one...well, not fault exactly, but one thing that i thought could have been done differently, but i guess its in the storyline so it had to be that way. but all that 'god loves you the way you are' stuff. it irks me. who cares what 'god' thinks of you as long as you think you're alright.
i'm getting the new you am i album on friday. yay yay yay!!! it comes with a free t shirt. in melbourne they're getting a t shirt, cap and badge. fuckers. he he he. well, they suck, so yeah. i want a t shirt cap and a badge. we're also going to be bra shopping and looking for a formal dress for lyndell's graduation. i dont know what i'll be shopping for. i dont really need anything. well, i do. i need just plain t shirts. but i'll end up buying some gypsyish thing for way too much money. i just want to make sure we go to all the secondhand places first before we hit the department stores. even though i bet we'll spend most of our time in target, i want tomake sure i dont give my money to corporate whorebags like myer and david jones when i could have given it to the girls of irving baby.

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