Wednesday, October 23, 2002

something weird happened in 1985. i think something bizare went on at my school and they've tried to cover it up. my reasons for thinking this are that i don't have any school photos from 1985. no single photos, no class phots, nothing. adding to that, sharyn doesnt have any either. we were in different classes, so it's not like they just lost one class worth of photos. and i'm sure if they did, the parents would have complained. im thinking conspiracy. my main reason for thinking this is that 1985 was a come out year. come out 85. i remember because it had been painted on the big concrete upright tunnelly tube things full of really hard sand that were supposed to pass for play equiptment up at the corner of the oval that had all the shoddy equiptment, like the a-frame and all that. i should probably explain come out. it's a youth festival held every two years. most schools do something or other for it. im sure that our class, being year threes and all, probably did something like dress our bikes up with streamers and balloons and have a parade on the quadrangle and have all the bigger kids laugh at the lameness of our come out festivities. but mr tennant, who was the scariest teacher because he yelled, but the coolest teacher cos he let his class put on plays, did this really cool thing for come out. now, i may be exaggerating, or remembering this in a waaaaaaay bigger way than it really happened. but i am sure that he covered his entire classroom in aluminium foil and turned it into a space ship. i am even sure that he had flashing lights that werent just torches stuck through holes, covered in celophane with some kid behind it turning it on and off.
i dont know why this makes it a conspiracy, but i'm going back to my shcool to find out where my photos are. i'll update you when i can.

this is me, signing off

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