Monday, October 14, 2002

in our sunday newspaper, the sunday mail, theres a kids section called possums weekly. kids can send in jokes and pictures, and theres a poets corner. here is a poem by brianna lattuca. it is a prime example of the types of poems you'd expect to find in possums weekly.

a hippo named herbert
escaped from a zoo.
ignoring the traffic
down the highway he flew.
he passed by the baker,
the butcher and the bank.
then jumped into the fountain
and silently sank.
all the people around stood
still to laugh
at the hippo named herbert
who weas taking a bath.

now, brianna has done a surprisingly good job here. i must say that the calibre of poems this week was quite high. its usually full of a cat sat on a mat wearing a hat with a bat hello said the cat hello said the bat and that was that, or something like that.
mabel warner, on the other hand, wrote this poem that almost made me cry

he said
i shuffled
my feet
and kept a close
watch on my shoes.
he was talking,
i was listening.
but he probably
thought i was
because i never even
lifted my head,
because i did not wanthim
to see
the mess mascara
makes when it

doesnt that make you want to cry? poor sad girl, i know how she feels

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