Thursday, October 03, 2002

im grumpy today. my inside bits are hurting. im supposed to be all excited about going out tomorrow, and i am, but it'll probably raining so sharyn will complain and we'll end up having a crappy day. as well as that, xander broke my purple chair today so now we only have one kitchen chair left. hopefully we'll find some nice* ones on the weekend.

*really good quality art deco chairs that some old lady has put out for council pickup and when she sees us take them she comes outside and offers us a drink. we go in and we tell her how much we love her huge art deco house and she tells us the reason she's throwing out her furniture is because her mean children are planning on sending her to live in a nursing home, selling her house, bulldozing it and making it into flats, but now that she sees that we genuinly love her house and her furniture, she says that she'll give us her house as long as we visit her once a month in the nursing home and bring the kids cos she loves little kids. we say, yeah, no worries, of course we will, thankyou so much and poke our tongues out at her kids as we move our stuff in and they stand on the foot path frowning and shaking their fists at us.

on another good note, buffy was on on tuesday night and it was the one when amy turns herself into a rat to get away from the MOO (mothers opposed to the occult) cos they all think that willow, amy and buffy are witches. anyway, my point was that seth green was in it. mmm, seth green. i miss oz :( i do enjoy willow being a lesbian though.....maybe i should be in the show and go out with oz, and we can have a threesome with willow....theres an idea that could go all the way

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