Saturday, October 26, 2002

the whole world is crap. im sick of all this sniper stuff, then there's the bali bombing, the two people murdered in the city, one of which matts cousin saw, and now i wake up to find out that the girl who lives with brett and kristin, monica, her aunty was murdered last night. i've really had enough of this you know. id go live on a boat if i wasnt so afraid of drowning. watching titanic last night didnt help either. i mean, i had to watch three hours of leonardo dicaprio which was bad enough, but as soon as those people went under the deck? is that what you say? anywhere downstairs i freaked out. yes, hello, im claustrophobia girl, nice to meet you....that is unless you are a psycho murderer intent on making the world we inhabit even worse. i need a holiday

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