Tuesday, October 22, 2002

when i was at highschool, i think it was year 11, sharyn, karlie and i were called witches. instead of being upset and angry about this, we decided that it was the funniest and coolest thing that had happened to us in a long time, and played along with it. it was mainly the boys who sat in the back row in our maths class. wade, adam...i cant remember the rest of their names....but it was mostly wade anyway. we were in mr dempsters class. he was a cool teacher, especially for a maths teacher. he'd continually put up with my not understanding a single word he said, and also my lame excuses for why i shouldnt need to learn maths. 'but mr dempster, im never going to be a farmer, so i'm never going to know how many metres of wire i'll need to fence in my chickens and cows....i dont need to learn this stuff....'. he was also cool because he knew that i 'loved' chris elze, so if we ever had to be put into groups, he'd always put me with him. anyway, we'd stare at wade at lunch time. not in a 'oh my god he's so cute' way, but in a 'yep, you know we're witches wade, you guessed it right, now you'd better watch out'. we used to ask people if we could have a bit of their hair, since, you know, we were making a hair jacket. some people even gave it to us. we had it stuck in the back of our school planners with their names written next to it. we'd also seem to bump into wade wherever we went. that wasnt planned, it just happened. we'd treat him the same way, but we'd smile and wave as well. we couldnt do that in school, because 'we werent really cool enough to be seen actually talking and interacting in a way that wasnt him paying us out and us being upset about it.' *ahem* mr dempster told us he thought they were doing it because they loved us. in the same way that in primary school, boys hurt you or teased you when they 'liked' you. when i was in primary school, i had a birthday party at my house and thses boys from down the road were throwing rocks at us. their older brother came up and told them off, saying to my mum, 'in a few years time, they'll be asking for their phone numbers'. the funniest part was that in year 12, sharyn and karlie went over there and had breakfast with one of the guys.

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