Friday, October 11, 2002

i met with robert, the movie guy, and john who is playing the part of the detective. i was suitably weirded out. they are bizrre. they both do a LOT of thinking. a lot of silent,staring thinking, and i just sat there and inwardly said, yeeeeeeeeeeeees, and fidgeted uncomfortably. they seem ok enough though, and they're going to have an accent workshop on sunday for me, john and julie who is someone else in the movie, so i think thats a good sign. if they're willing to help us. so, filming will be next sunday, at 6am at norwood, which is like, half an hours drive away. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i dont wanna get up early :( but i will, cos im a proffessional and i want to do this. i have to write back to mark, the other movie guy about his script. its pretty lame, but i think i'll do it anyway to get stuff on my resume. you never know, maybe it'll turn out good. might do.
anyway, an update on the mouse situation. we caught mice 13 and 14 last night. they were like twins, it was amazing. i heard the trap go, and then xander woke up all sooky and still asleep cos he was having a bad dream and i thought, since im up, i'l check on the mice. so tiny and so the same. poor little guys just sitting there all shakey. i didnt give them any food though cos matt got a bit snarky at me for feeding them last time :) so then later on, like a couple of hours later, i hear the trap go twice more, and since im still kinda sleeping, i start thinking about getting up in the morning and finding that the trap is completely filled with mice and that our house is gonna end up like the mice plagues that they have on the farms. matt gets up in the morning and tells me that the mice have vanished. vamoosed. the little buggers worked out how to get out of the trap and escaped. well, i always knew they were clever, not as clever as rats, but still clever.
i think we're gonna save up for one of those electronic sonic mouse systems or whatever they're called. you plug them in and they emit sonic rays? im probably wrong, but, something that travels along the electricity lines in your house and mice and bugs dont like it. they're about $70, but i think if we get up to mouse 20 or so, matt might be having enough of the little guys.
now im gonna go and listen to catdog cos my eyes are hurting.
by all :)

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