Tuesday, October 29, 2002

hello everyone, and welcome to summer. it is just past 10 am and we have already reached a temperature of around 25 degrees. the top estimated temperature for today is 28, but i am sure that it will be highter. this morning was so hot, you cant even sleep in, no matter how tired you are. the ceiling fans are whirring around and water is the drink of the day. i could only drink hlaf of my cup of tea this morning, so already the day is off to a bad start. if i cant have a cuppa, i dont function right. back to the day. i went outside to pick some lemons and when i opened the door the hot hit me and it almost hurt. bad BAD weather. stop chasing away my rain and clouds, i dont want your perfect blue skies and searingly hot sunshine. GO AWAY! IT'S NOT EVEN NOVEMBER YET!

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