Monday, July 31, 2006

its oh so quiet

well, it is. but i havent deserted you all, im just over there. no...left a, hang on... god, i'll do it myself, sheesh

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Monday, July 17, 2006

get in line

anyone who would like updates of my travels, please email me or leave your email address in the comments, i'll keep you informed

For every trouble you found
There's a drink to lose it and drown
But do you need somebody, to feel somebody?

you am i

Saturday, July 15, 2006

there`s a party going on


YOU AM I play at the gov tonight, and i`ll be there from six pm having a yummy dinner. then, off to crank and/or supermild for dancing til the early hours. come say goodbye and buy me a drink as i fly to the other side of the world

zoom zoom azooma zoomzoom

Thursday, July 13, 2006

spot the difference
or 6 degrees of kevin bacon in one move

im not sure if i mentioned it when it happened, but a few weeks ago eli was being looked after by matts parents and he came back with a haircut. im not going to go into how that makes me feel - they should know that by now, but the point of this post is : the place they got his hair cut should advertise as a hairdresser for bratpack wannabe's

read into this whatever you would like

banjo is a lovely little cat. but you wanna know something? stuff has happened to her in her past that isnt very nice, that you wouldnt wish on another cat.
there has been a mean black cat hanging around her. he preys on her, jumps her when she isnt looking. waits for her. sprays all his cat sperm all over her. not nice? no, not nice at all. she doesnt like it, and i can see that she tries to fight him off but he's bigger and stronger than she is and in the end she just gives up and lets him. she's afraid to go outside sometimes. she's afraid he'll get her.

she has done a few things in her life that arent all that good. she's caught animals and eaten them. she's broken the screens on windows. she's scratched people and her sister. she's also run away a couple of times and when she gets back, she acts like she hasnt done anything wrong.

you know what though? that doesnt excuse the black cat for what he has done to her. it doesnt give him the right to hurt her, to impose himself on her.

as an older cat, he should know better, and the wider community should know that just because banjo has done things in her life that others may not agree with, it does not mean that its a lie that the black cat has hurt her.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

make me smile

have i told you lately how much i love matthew baldwin? i havent? well, i do. (p.s, mark, if you're reading this, even though i said i love matthew baldwin, that doesnt mean you shouldnt contact me cos, he's married and has a kid and is in america, and i think you're a spunk and want to pash you)


Three musical instruments are sitting in a bar and, after a few drinks, they begin boasting.

"I don't want to brag," says the first, "but I'm a drum. And drums, as I'm sure you know, were the first instruments in the history of the world, used not only for music but also for long range communication and even to motivate soldiers in a time of war. Just about every style of music uses drums of some sort -- hell, there probably wouldn't even be music it if wasn't for us."

"Drums are great, if you only want to play one note," the second instrument cuts in. "But as piano, I have 88 keys to choose from. Most of the great classical music was written with me in mind, and even today my cousin, the keyboard, is central to the creation of modern music."

"Don't talk to me about modern music," scoffs the third instrument. "I'm a guitar, and while you old-timers may have been big in your day, it's the 21st century now. And it's guitars like me that have made rock & roll the most popular music in the world today."

The second instrument sizes up the third skeptically, and then says "What are you talking about? You're not a guitar, you're nothing but a small harp."

And the third instrument leaps off of his stool and shouts, "Are you calling me a lyre?!"

Sunday, July 02, 2006

post secret

when i saw this, i almost cried and my thought was 'me too'

and then i thought no. fuck you. this is not how i feel. it is not my fault, it never has been and never will be.

it is your fault

and everyone knows that, even you

Saturday, July 01, 2006

ch ch ch changes

so many things have changed, and are changing. i've moved into a new house, my baby is about to start school, im on holidays as of tomorrow afternoon, soon i'll be flying out of the country. people are moving in and out, there are new people i want to meet and old people i never want to see again. its strange how things can be so different.