Thursday, July 13, 2006

read into this whatever you would like

banjo is a lovely little cat. but you wanna know something? stuff has happened to her in her past that isnt very nice, that you wouldnt wish on another cat.
there has been a mean black cat hanging around her. he preys on her, jumps her when she isnt looking. waits for her. sprays all his cat sperm all over her. not nice? no, not nice at all. she doesnt like it, and i can see that she tries to fight him off but he's bigger and stronger than she is and in the end she just gives up and lets him. she's afraid to go outside sometimes. she's afraid he'll get her.

she has done a few things in her life that arent all that good. she's caught animals and eaten them. she's broken the screens on windows. she's scratched people and her sister. she's also run away a couple of times and when she gets back, she acts like she hasnt done anything wrong.

you know what though? that doesnt excuse the black cat for what he has done to her. it doesnt give him the right to hurt her, to impose himself on her.

as an older cat, he should know better, and the wider community should know that just because banjo has done things in her life that others may not agree with, it does not mean that its a lie that the black cat has hurt her.

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