Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Who is in your celebrity family? by cerulean_dreams
User Name
MomMeryl Streep
DadJohnny Depp
BrotherEric Bana
SisterHillary Duff
BoyfriendJohnny Depp
Best friendHillary Duff
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you know whats bizarre about this is that ever since my poppa knew that i wanted to be an actor, he said i could always play a young meryl streep. go me, im having sex with my dad. yay.....not that i mind that much since its johnny depp

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

as voted by you : part 1

so these are the hot chicks you guys like. I've put them against each other in the order they were given to me. your job is to choose which girl you like best out of the two going up against each other. i'll put all the entries together and come up with a new list until there is only one left...who will reign supreme????

all girls are linked to a pic. you aren't voting on the pic, just the girl, although i tried to find cute/sexy pics for each of them

Kate Winslet Vs Joey Lauren Adams
Thora Birch Vs Lisa Bonet
Christina Ricci Vs Gwen Stefani
Liv Tyler Vs Cate Blanchette
Jeanene Garaffalo Vs Rita Hayworth
Winona Rider Vs Drew Barrymore
Lalla Ward Vs Audrey Hepburn
Rose McGowan Vs Amy Wong (from Futurama, if she was real)
Jennifer Tilly Vs Laura Prepon
Clare Danes Vs Anna Paquin
Leelee Sobieski Vs nicole kidman
Reese Witherspoon Vs Sarah Kendall
Scarlet johannsen Vs Alyson hannigan
Clea Duvall Vs Dominique swain
Christina applegate Vs Ashley Judd
Eliza Dushku Vs Alicia Keys
Meg Ryan Vs Maggie Gyllenhaal
Kirstin Dunst Vs Lauren Ambrose
natasha lyonne Vs Ally Sheedy

Monday, March 29, 2004


carly says:
oooh, naked kate winslet
sean says:
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 8====>~~~~~
sean says:
mmmmm *humps the screen* do it, yeah... unnnnggghh
sean says:
i just wanna rub my nose in her beaver
i fail to see why people come to my blog when searching for 'horse cock in my ass porn'.... but they do
a hot-a-thon

since i am obviously not up there amongst the hotness of my imediate blogging community, i thought i'd start my own hotness survey.

could you all please list 5-10 girls that you think are hot. i'm gonna stick with celebrities to make it fair to the people who dont know people. you can email me or just comment. i'll be doing boys when this list is complete

hehehe, i'll be doing boys.....heeeeheeee *runs off tittering*


Sunday, March 28, 2004

my latest creation

i'm a great stealer of ideas. ever since i've been reading loobylu, i've been so SO jealous of how talented claire is. she made these really cool little toys once, and ever since i've been thinking to myself, 'hey, i could possibly pull off a nowhere near as great version of those myself'.
on friday night i had a horrible feeling that sara's birthday party, which is actually on the 24th of april, was on saturday night. so i scrambled together some material, cotton and wool and this is what i came up with

sean seems to think this is wonderful and that i should make more and sell them. perhaps. perhaps if i got my sewing machine out i'd be more inclined to make a few more. hand sewing sucks ass.

so there you go sara, here's a bunny for you. maybe i'll make you a better one by the time your birthday comes around

p.s. i'm sorry, i cant come to your party, i hope you have a good time

Friday, March 26, 2004

open wide, come inside...

it's always been my dream to be a presenter on playschool. i know all the songs and the actions, i can cut and paste, i'm even willing to wear bright clothes and look like a knob. the only thing i ever thought i'd have a problem with was getting puffed from singing and jumping around at the same time.
noni and john have always been my favourites. i used to think that noni was my mum. it's not like mum used playschool as some sort of mother substitute, like *i* use tv sometimes, its just that noni was so nice, and she was always smiling.

on wednesday morning i took eli to see playschool in concert. it was really cool. we had geoge and benita as our presenters.

george dressed up as mary had a little lamb, and invited us all, in a very masculine voice to 'have a beer down at onkas' with him. i always liked the ones who made jokes for the mums the best.

one year benita accepted an award at, i think it was the logies, wearing a see through lace top. that was scary

tomato salsa snakatas are really fucking tasty

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


sean sent me a pic that he took of me while we were in melbourne last year and i've put that up as my hot or not pic. so lets see how that goes. you know, i am so lazy. i really should change the vixen den to the den, and i finished reading harry potter about a year ago. i'm so fucking slack.
will i have to change my pic down there or will it do it itself? dont you love the way i ask my blog questions as i type. it's almost as if i'm expecting an answer.

im getting a cough. just as long as its gone by the time forum starts. thats fine.

i'm looking over this pic. i have rather defined breasts, maybe that'll score me some points. or am i doomed to be middle of the road my whole life?

i am aghast

someone better take a sexy photo of me quick sticks

Monday, March 22, 2004

oh yeah

...i also got the part of monica in daisy pulls it off...

someone voted on my hot or not and my score has gone down. DOWN. who was it, bastard! i'll smack ya in the chops so hard you wont see the weekdays you'll go straight to the weekend.
you know, you may think im only a 6.5, but i proved my whoredomness yesterday, when, thanks to rehearsals, i kissed SEVEN PEOPLE ON THE LIPS.
yep, thats right. seven. quiver before me, whores in training, for i am the master.

i also dreamed that a little bat was throwing dead bats and bat pieces at me. dunno what thats about.

Thursday, March 18, 2004


if i don't see each and every one of you front row centre....then i'd understand because if you were all sitting front row centre, you'd be sitting on top of each other and it would get uncomfortable. not to mention dangerous for the people near the top, and at the bottom for that matter. what with falling and getting squashed and all that. and if you were anyone sitting centre in any of the other rows you'd have a really bad seat. so, i'll just say, you all better come or have a damn good excuse for not being there. damn good excuses must also come with presents.

if you email me your address i'll send you one of these. just click that contact me button over there. you'll probably get a knowspam email back saying that i dont want your puny email unless you prove your human. just click the button or whatever the hell it gets you to do, it'll take like 5 seconds and that way your email will get to me, its that simple.

go on, you know you want to
why do i bother?

i spend money on toys for eli and he's playing with a pair of shoes, 3 cans of corn and a pen
waiting (insert tapping of fingernails i dont have here)

it is now thursday. a few weeks ago i had my bilo interview and they said they would let me know if i had the job or not at the end of last week or the beginning of this week. i would call thursday the end of the week, so they are late. i dont really mind if i dont get the job, i just want to know. bilo isn't exactly my chosen place of employment, but it'd be nice to have more than 30 cents in my purse at any one time.

i'm also waiting on a call from burnside to see whether or not i have a part in their new play, 'daisy pulls it off'. it was pointed out to me by the director that no matter how much i wanted it to be lesbian porn, it wasnt. which is a bit of a shame, but you can't win em all. i'd like to be trixie, but vicki said i'd be good as monica, the suck up girl. i can do that. i'd just like a part. again, im waiting on a phone call.

stupid waiting

Monday, March 15, 2004

not happy, i mean, libby!

the boys stayed over at matts parents house on saturday night so they could go watch rikki race at the velodrome. velodrome is xanders new word, 'its big and white and goes up and then down like a dinosaurs tummy, and it was very cold inside'. i got an early minute from rehearsal last night so i got to see the kids before they went to bed. only one of them didnt look like my child, he looked like this

my babies dont have hair like this, they have it long on top, with cute fringes and wispy bits. they do not look like this.

so eli is walking around today like this, and its from his own doing, not mine

Thursday, March 11, 2004

what i am doing right now

apart from blogging, i am eating cookies and cream chocolate, salt and vinegar chips, and drinking coke. why? because i can. why the hell not.
if you're not reading this site yet

For nine months I grew a human being inside my belly and then I pushed it out my vagina and now I’m feeding it with my boob. Biology is so fucking weird.

you bloody well should be

Monday, March 08, 2004

im so slack

ok, since it's taken me so long to do the latest comic, i've put all the comics here so you can read them through and remember what was going on. as if you'll need to cos the story was so rivetting you've been thinking about it non stop ever since, but, you never know. i might have some new readers who need catching up

so here you go

episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4

Sunday, March 07, 2004

dear sean

thankyou for sending me itunes. it is very nice. although i had no problems with media player, im just thankful for something that actually works on my computer

love carly

ps. just to reitterate my point, i tried to post this and my computer decided, no, im not gonna let you do that, i'm gonna make you type that all out again

Saturday, March 06, 2004

australian idol comes to noarlunga

there are auditions tomorrow at noarlunga college theatre to find the 'onkaparinga youth star'.
so if you're between 12 and 25 and live in the onkaparinga city council area, get down there. you were supposed to go to an info night on the 3rd, but, feh, you're a star! you dont live by other peoples rules!
if you win, you get to make a cd and perform at youth week, so yay for you, youth star!

just a side note, exclamation marks have been popping up in my writing quite a bit lately and its starting to scare me. i hate them, quite a lot actually, and i generally never use them.. yet, here i am using three in one posting. ok, yes, i was being sarcastic as is my want most of the time, but there presence is still bugging me.

ooh, a bug! a tiny shiny orange bug just landed on my keyboard. pretty

Thursday, March 04, 2004

why pay more!

You demonstrated a combination of skills, experience and availability that is suited to the needs of our organisation. However a suitable vacancy is not currently available. Should a suitable vacancy arise over the next six months that matches your availability, experience and preferences, I will contact you.

and they did. within 2 hours of getting that email i got a phone call saying that i had a job interview at bilo at christies beach. im not too stoked about working at bilo, but at least its something.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

happy 21st birthday, me!

oh, it feels good to be turning 21 for the...6th time. so far i've gotten some good pencils and paper, a strawberry shortcake card from sean, an email from sara, sms's from mum, aaron, and vicki, and a letter from coles myer saying how excellent i am and how perfectly suited for working with their company i am, but sorry we dont have a job for you.

ive just been informed that a surprise will be coming to me today, so.....i'l just have to wait and see, i guess

i'll be waiting by my letterbox for gifts, people....any of you out there feeling guilty???

ammendment :

sms from brett, flowers, chocolates and a bear from holly