Saturday, March 06, 2004

australian idol comes to noarlunga

there are auditions tomorrow at noarlunga college theatre to find the 'onkaparinga youth star'.
so if you're between 12 and 25 and live in the onkaparinga city council area, get down there. you were supposed to go to an info night on the 3rd, but, feh, you're a star! you dont live by other peoples rules!
if you win, you get to make a cd and perform at youth week, so yay for you, youth star!

just a side note, exclamation marks have been popping up in my writing quite a bit lately and its starting to scare me. i hate them, quite a lot actually, and i generally never use them.. yet, here i am using three in one posting. ok, yes, i was being sarcastic as is my want most of the time, but there presence is still bugging me.

ooh, a bug! a tiny shiny orange bug just landed on my keyboard. pretty

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