Friday, March 26, 2004

open wide, come inside...

it's always been my dream to be a presenter on playschool. i know all the songs and the actions, i can cut and paste, i'm even willing to wear bright clothes and look like a knob. the only thing i ever thought i'd have a problem with was getting puffed from singing and jumping around at the same time.
noni and john have always been my favourites. i used to think that noni was my mum. it's not like mum used playschool as some sort of mother substitute, like *i* use tv sometimes, its just that noni was so nice, and she was always smiling.

on wednesday morning i took eli to see playschool in concert. it was really cool. we had geoge and benita as our presenters.

george dressed up as mary had a little lamb, and invited us all, in a very masculine voice to 'have a beer down at onkas' with him. i always liked the ones who made jokes for the mums the best.

one year benita accepted an award at, i think it was the logies, wearing a see through lace top. that was scary

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