Sunday, March 28, 2004

my latest creation

i'm a great stealer of ideas. ever since i've been reading loobylu, i've been so SO jealous of how talented claire is. she made these really cool little toys once, and ever since i've been thinking to myself, 'hey, i could possibly pull off a nowhere near as great version of those myself'.
on friday night i had a horrible feeling that sara's birthday party, which is actually on the 24th of april, was on saturday night. so i scrambled together some material, cotton and wool and this is what i came up with

sean seems to think this is wonderful and that i should make more and sell them. perhaps. perhaps if i got my sewing machine out i'd be more inclined to make a few more. hand sewing sucks ass.

so there you go sara, here's a bunny for you. maybe i'll make you a better one by the time your birthday comes around

p.s. i'm sorry, i cant come to your party, i hope you have a good time

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