Thursday, March 18, 2004


if i don't see each and every one of you front row centre....then i'd understand because if you were all sitting front row centre, you'd be sitting on top of each other and it would get uncomfortable. not to mention dangerous for the people near the top, and at the bottom for that matter. what with falling and getting squashed and all that. and if you were anyone sitting centre in any of the other rows you'd have a really bad seat. so, i'll just say, you all better come or have a damn good excuse for not being there. damn good excuses must also come with presents.

if you email me your address i'll send you one of these. just click that contact me button over there. you'll probably get a knowspam email back saying that i dont want your puny email unless you prove your human. just click the button or whatever the hell it gets you to do, it'll take like 5 seconds and that way your email will get to me, its that simple.

go on, you know you want to

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