Wednesday, January 31, 2007

big day out

i think

that this will be my tenth big day out

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

and since i know you cant read that, i'll spell it out for you. in order but a lot overlap so i'll just see how i feel at the time

poly and the statics
antony of the future
clue to kalo
sleepy jackson
fire! santa rosa fire!
sleepy jackson
eskimo joe
little birdy
the vines
john butler trio
the killers
mere theory
something for kate
bob evans
you am i
the audreys
the presets
violent femmes

plus dj ian maiden playing the cockrockingrock!

and that big blue blob? that was my chemical romance. they cried too much and drowned in a puddle of their owns tears
here is where i will be all day today

wincing the night away

Sunday, January 28, 2007


it seems there are spies everywhere. good ol adelaide. love this place to pieces! what i love the best is how someone knows someone who knows someone who knows you! and that person used to live next door to your hairdressers sister, who went to school with that guy you pashed, so you'd better not mention him to the guy who delivers the junk mail or someone will call someone and tell them aaaaaaall about it.

how about, if you have a problem with what i write about, you tell me. i clearly have a comments section, i clearly have a contact me button, its not that hard

Saturday, January 27, 2007


you're lucky i'd already swallowed my cup of tea, go fug yourself

"Do you really want to be riding bareback on this particular wang carousel"

Friday, January 26, 2007

le bored

check out the french i picked up while i was overseas. too bad i didnt bring the frenchboy back with me, AND NOW HE"S NOT ANSWERING HIS PHONE! rude.

my how easily sidetracked i can get...

it is precisely 2:34 pm on australia day and im listeing to the hottest 100 on the internets. aaah, technology.

quite quite bored. so far, the most exciting thing that has happened is that i picked my scabs and then i bled for a little while, so i got to play with some peroxide and kill germs in a fuzzy bubbling foam. the boys have attempted outside and found its too hot, so they've camped out in front of abc2 which, may i say, is a great channel. earlier this week i had the shock of my life when i sat down to abc2 to see they were replaying one of my favourite shows, and found out that race around the world started 10 years ago. which also means that 10 years ago i was seeing raymond, working at bunnings mile end garden centre, and perving on personimustnevermention.

which means....

when we met, his current girlfriend wasnt much older than xans is now...the things you learn, huh

so tonight, im home as well, but tomorrow night i'll be out on the town. how about you?

Monday, January 22, 2007

there are moments when the love you have hits you harder than you think you can bare

mum...can i tell you something?
of course you can
the funniest thing....ever...that i know....
when someones walking away and .....snore....
you're the funniest little man
i love you

i love you mum

Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's all very beautiful and quite sad
How I keep talking about you
It seems I could lose all I ever had
Except for my thoughts about me and you

Now I wouldn't mind being on your knee
But you said no and it's fine with me baby
I'm not taking chances oh no not me
This is the way it'll have to be

I guess it's true what my sister said
Not giving up though I said I would
Cause there's really only one thing I know how to do
You know now here is what I do

I'll be cryin' for you
I'll be cryin' for you

... but I'll save my dreams till I get old
I might need them some day
And I stay awake till the morning comes
I won't be waiting for them today

stina nordenstam

Saturday, January 20, 2007


so the stupid cat saga is finally over (i think).

i picked banjo up from the vet on thursday afternoon. she'd been given anti-venom and been on a drip all night, and when they handed her back to me she seemed so small and quiet. for those of you who know banjo, small you my understand, quiet? no, not so much.

as i walked out the door i was told that she had licked her arm where the drip was, where they'd just put some anti-sticky-stuff so the tape wouldnt pull her fur out. 'it tastes really yucky', they said.

ok, whatever. my cat isnt dead, im going home.

except that when i got her home she started foaming at the mouth, so much so that she looked as if she had a beard. and along with her beard was the facial movements and sounds of someone who doesnt like peanut butter, and has some stuck to the roof of their mouth and they cant get it off. and add to that the fact that she still couldnt walk properly, and was moving in the cat equivalent to an old crouched over man who needs a walking frame, except that he's forgotten his walking frame (prolly because of the peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth), but he's soldiering on anyhow.

so crouchycrawlybeardcat and i stared at each other for the rest of hursday until i went to see pans labyrinth* with brett.




go and see this film. just do it. dont think about it. dont try and see if you can fit it in to your busy schedule. just go and see the film now.

wonderful and cruel, beautiful and violent, there is so much in this movie. you must see it.

if you need someone to go with, let me know. im more than happy to go again.

*not to be confused with davis bowies labyrinth, although this guy looks a little bit like the helping hands sarah gets caught by when she thinks she's figured out the 'one of us always tells the truth, and one of us always lies' riddle.

except i dont think they eat faeries or children

last night i went to the mars bar for kristins hens night. never been there before. was quite a good night. somehow it ended up with some drummer from some band covered in blood and boys brimming with testosterone, walking around with their chests sticking out, and kim in the boot of a hatchback, but it was all good

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


shes not fine

she hobbled across the backyard this morning as i was hanging out the washing

back legs are stopping working

she's at the vet

again, i'll let you know

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

alright. i have retold this story so many times now, that i probably could just look at my fingers and say 'go!' and they'd fly all over the keyboard and type it for me, BUT, i also cant be bothered doing that. instead i shall copy and paste from an email. get over it.

*huge big sigh*


she's ok, here's the story...

im sure you've heard that australia has some the most venemous animals in
the world. and the brown snake is up there with the best of them. this one
was about 30-45 centimetres long, and about as thick as my finger. the snake
man said it was about 3 years old.
id just gone to the toilet and was washing my hands and happened to look out
the window. banjo was in pouncing position, so i kept watching, wondering
what she was going for, thinking it was probably just a leaf. but then i saw
something fly up into the air that had no legs and wasnt leaf shaped and i
managed to stay quite calm and run out there and just stand there and say
then i got a bucket and tried to put it on top of the snake while banjo
still had it by its tail, but the snake started striking at the bucket so i
stopped that pretty quickly. i went inside and called personimustnevermention but he was at
work, so i called the council and they gave me a snake catcher number, and
when i called them, the snake had gone into the hose ive conected to the
washing machine so the used water can come out and water the grass (you
know, driest state, driest continent and all that), so the snake man said to
put a wet towel over the end of it and he'd come get it. then i took banjo
to the vet and they kept her there for about 5 hours.
when i got back from the vet the snake man had the snake and he showed me
all the bite marks along its body. he said that chances are, each time banjo
bit the snake, the snake would have bitten back. that meant about 4 or 5
bites. brown snakes kill people, so i was freaking out. so i sat down after
he left and had a cry, thinking that banjo was the stupidest, most retarded
cat in the entire world. and that telling the kids that she was dead would
be the hardest thing i'd ever have to do.
i called the vet at about 5 and she said to come get her. that she hadnt
shown any signs of being bitten so far, but i have to keep an eye on her for
the next 12 hours.

so that was my day

how was yours? not so snakey?

Monday, January 15, 2007

i think she's ok

i think she's ok

when im not exhausted from attempting to trap a snake and then thinking all day that my cat is going to die, i'll write more
banjo is at the vet. shes almost definately been bitten. the snake catcher came out and got the snake. it was just a bit longer than a ruler, and about as thick as my finger.

same sort that kills people all the time

snake had bite marks all over it so banjo could have been bitten more than once

i'll let you know
so right now im waiytiong for as nkaoe catcher

more news when ist comes tohand

Sunday, January 14, 2007

post secret

i used to think i was being filmed by today tonight, and would do my voice overs in my head

ooooh, new blogger!

how exciting

Thursday, January 11, 2007


this year's big day out is sold out. luckily kirsty and i decided to get our tickets last week or we would be spewing

in truth, i only really got a ticket because i knew id be mad at myself if it came to that day, and i was at work, when i knew i had every opportunity to be at the big day out. the bands werent all that fantastic. i've seen all the big names, and if i havemt, i dont care to see them (my chemical romance, anyone?). but it was when they released the smaller names that i got excited

the last time i say you am i was just before i went away. they played at the gov, and it was one of the hardest shows ive seen them do, ending with tim screaming on the floor with no shirt on

i cant wait

photo by the wonderfulwonderfulsexytalented daniel boud

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

two important anouncements that obviously need to be made at 12:27 am

1. sharyn has now sent her first email
2. i complained to macdonalds about the size of the mcflurries i bought, and i am now getting a free one

choice bro

Saturday, January 06, 2007

despite how i write in here and in emails...

Your Language Arts Grade: 98%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know "no" from "know." Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
Make a Quiz

which is all well and good, but, which one did i get wrong??

The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats, originally uploaded by Kirsco.

freaking awesome


dear australia tv

get with the program

scrubs? kicks arse

love carly

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

for those of you without myspace

to anyone who tried to cheer me up, thankyou
to anyone who was annoyed by my tears, sorry
to all who danced with me these past months, thankyou
to all the wonderful new people i have met, hello, and thankyou for being my friend

my new years resolutions:

to be a pipette
to let go of things that hurt me
to find, not look for, someone who loves me and who i can love back

i hope 007 is good for all of you
i hope there are more smiles than tears

and im always around for talking and hugs

love carly

Monday, January 01, 2007

new years

started off good. had a lovely time at marks party. had a bbq, played darts, was not responsible for making a hole in an aboriginie, played totem tennis, had jelly shots and ate watermelon vodka, watched a sparkler explosion, got on a bus, played itchy titchy, took photos of boys weeing, got to the cranka, saw the spazzys, danced danced danced, there was a countdown, someone kissed someone, i cried....and then my whole night pretty much sucked from then on.

i have really nice friends. i got lots of hugs, and a lolly pop, and i danced away my tears.

then i walked to jive and i was actually ok. i finally caught up with james but we couldnt dance because there as no more music

so brett and i walked back to the cranka. i was ok. till about 3 seconds before we walked in.
but i danced again and everything was fine...ok anyway

best idea of the night~
me, jordan and jenny making plans to learn the moves to the pipettes songs. i think im gonna end up being gwenno cos jordan has dark hair and jenny wears glasses. our first video
The Pipettes - Pull Shapes

amusing conversation recap~

guy: wheres your boyfriend?
me: i dont have a boyfriend
guy: oh, well hi, my name is allan
me: hi allan
guy: (shaking my hand) something about boyfriends, i dont know, i wasnt listening because i was too busy crying at this point in time

later that night

allan: where's your boyfriend?
me: i dont have a boyfriend, allan

literally 10 seconds later

allan: where's your boyfriend?
delaney: starts to answer, but i interrupt with this
me: aaahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
allan: (looks at me and walks away)

about 30 seconds later, me, delaney, jordan and jenny are dancing in a circle. allan tries to infiltrate

me: we all have boyfriends!
(close circle)


some guy: did you hear that?
me: no
some guy: that was the sound of our turn to dance
me: oh
at this point, i was fucked. i was sad, and i was tired, and i just didnt give a shit anymore, so i got up

and i danced

in the vicinity of him

some guy: you could at least show a little bit of interest in me
me: but im not interested in you
some guy: im the richest fishmonger here

i had absolutely no come back for that

instead i saw a nice boy and asked him if i may hang out with him for a bit

me: can i please hang out with you for a little while?
cute boy: sure, have a seat
then he said something and i cant remember what cos i recognised an accent and my warning alarms sounded, except that he was german
me: are you here for studying or a one year internship?
cute boy: no, just backpacking, we've been to kangaroo island

then i lost him

then i sat and waited until it was 6:30 in the morning, it was daylight outside, and miss delaney and i caught a taxi to her place where i slept until 2 in the afternoon, then got up and watched buffy

and now, after more tears and more naps, its 830 on the first of january

i hope this year is better than last