Monday, January 01, 2007

new years

started off good. had a lovely time at marks party. had a bbq, played darts, was not responsible for making a hole in an aboriginie, played totem tennis, had jelly shots and ate watermelon vodka, watched a sparkler explosion, got on a bus, played itchy titchy, took photos of boys weeing, got to the cranka, saw the spazzys, danced danced danced, there was a countdown, someone kissed someone, i cried....and then my whole night pretty much sucked from then on.

i have really nice friends. i got lots of hugs, and a lolly pop, and i danced away my tears.

then i walked to jive and i was actually ok. i finally caught up with james but we couldnt dance because there as no more music

so brett and i walked back to the cranka. i was ok. till about 3 seconds before we walked in.
but i danced again and everything was fine...ok anyway

best idea of the night~
me, jordan and jenny making plans to learn the moves to the pipettes songs. i think im gonna end up being gwenno cos jordan has dark hair and jenny wears glasses. our first video
The Pipettes - Pull Shapes

amusing conversation recap~

guy: wheres your boyfriend?
me: i dont have a boyfriend
guy: oh, well hi, my name is allan
me: hi allan
guy: (shaking my hand) something about boyfriends, i dont know, i wasnt listening because i was too busy crying at this point in time

later that night

allan: where's your boyfriend?
me: i dont have a boyfriend, allan

literally 10 seconds later

allan: where's your boyfriend?
delaney: starts to answer, but i interrupt with this
me: aaahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
allan: (looks at me and walks away)

about 30 seconds later, me, delaney, jordan and jenny are dancing in a circle. allan tries to infiltrate

me: we all have boyfriends!
(close circle)


some guy: did you hear that?
me: no
some guy: that was the sound of our turn to dance
me: oh
at this point, i was fucked. i was sad, and i was tired, and i just didnt give a shit anymore, so i got up

and i danced

in the vicinity of him

some guy: you could at least show a little bit of interest in me
me: but im not interested in you
some guy: im the richest fishmonger here

i had absolutely no come back for that

instead i saw a nice boy and asked him if i may hang out with him for a bit

me: can i please hang out with you for a little while?
cute boy: sure, have a seat
then he said something and i cant remember what cos i recognised an accent and my warning alarms sounded, except that he was german
me: are you here for studying or a one year internship?
cute boy: no, just backpacking, we've been to kangaroo island

then i lost him

then i sat and waited until it was 6:30 in the morning, it was daylight outside, and miss delaney and i caught a taxi to her place where i slept until 2 in the afternoon, then got up and watched buffy

and now, after more tears and more naps, its 830 on the first of january

i hope this year is better than last

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