Tuesday, January 16, 2007

alright. i have retold this story so many times now, that i probably could just look at my fingers and say 'go!' and they'd fly all over the keyboard and type it for me, BUT, i also cant be bothered doing that. instead i shall copy and paste from an email. get over it.

*huge big sigh*


she's ok, here's the story...

im sure you've heard that australia has some the most venemous animals in
the world. and the brown snake is up there with the best of them. this one
was about 30-45 centimetres long, and about as thick as my finger. the snake
man said it was about 3 years old.
id just gone to the toilet and was washing my hands and happened to look out
the window. banjo was in pouncing position, so i kept watching, wondering
what she was going for, thinking it was probably just a leaf. but then i saw
something fly up into the air that had no legs and wasnt leaf shaped and i
managed to stay quite calm and run out there and just stand there and say
then i got a bucket and tried to put it on top of the snake while banjo
still had it by its tail, but the snake started striking at the bucket so i
stopped that pretty quickly. i went inside and called personimustnevermention but he was at
work, so i called the council and they gave me a snake catcher number, and
when i called them, the snake had gone into the hose ive conected to the
washing machine so the used water can come out and water the grass (you
know, driest state, driest continent and all that), so the snake man said to
put a wet towel over the end of it and he'd come get it. then i took banjo
to the vet and they kept her there for about 5 hours.
when i got back from the vet the snake man had the snake and he showed me
all the bite marks along its body. he said that chances are, each time banjo
bit the snake, the snake would have bitten back. that meant about 4 or 5
bites. brown snakes kill people, so i was freaking out. so i sat down after
he left and had a cry, thinking that banjo was the stupidest, most retarded
cat in the entire world. and that telling the kids that she was dead would
be the hardest thing i'd ever have to do.
i called the vet at about 5 and she said to come get her. that she hadnt
shown any signs of being bitten so far, but i have to keep an eye on her for
the next 12 hours.

so that was my day

how was yours? not so snakey?

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