Friday, January 26, 2007

le bored

check out the french i picked up while i was overseas. too bad i didnt bring the frenchboy back with me, AND NOW HE"S NOT ANSWERING HIS PHONE! rude.

my how easily sidetracked i can get...

it is precisely 2:34 pm on australia day and im listeing to the hottest 100 on the internets. aaah, technology.

quite quite bored. so far, the most exciting thing that has happened is that i picked my scabs and then i bled for a little while, so i got to play with some peroxide and kill germs in a fuzzy bubbling foam. the boys have attempted outside and found its too hot, so they've camped out in front of abc2 which, may i say, is a great channel. earlier this week i had the shock of my life when i sat down to abc2 to see they were replaying one of my favourite shows, and found out that race around the world started 10 years ago. which also means that 10 years ago i was seeing raymond, working at bunnings mile end garden centre, and perving on personimustnevermention.

which means....

when we met, his current girlfriend wasnt much older than xans is now...the things you learn, huh

so tonight, im home as well, but tomorrow night i'll be out on the town. how about you?

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