Saturday, January 20, 2007


so the stupid cat saga is finally over (i think).

i picked banjo up from the vet on thursday afternoon. she'd been given anti-venom and been on a drip all night, and when they handed her back to me she seemed so small and quiet. for those of you who know banjo, small you my understand, quiet? no, not so much.

as i walked out the door i was told that she had licked her arm where the drip was, where they'd just put some anti-sticky-stuff so the tape wouldnt pull her fur out. 'it tastes really yucky', they said.

ok, whatever. my cat isnt dead, im going home.

except that when i got her home she started foaming at the mouth, so much so that she looked as if she had a beard. and along with her beard was the facial movements and sounds of someone who doesnt like peanut butter, and has some stuck to the roof of their mouth and they cant get it off. and add to that the fact that she still couldnt walk properly, and was moving in the cat equivalent to an old crouched over man who needs a walking frame, except that he's forgotten his walking frame (prolly because of the peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth), but he's soldiering on anyhow.

so crouchycrawlybeardcat and i stared at each other for the rest of hursday until i went to see pans labyrinth* with brett.




go and see this film. just do it. dont think about it. dont try and see if you can fit it in to your busy schedule. just go and see the film now.

wonderful and cruel, beautiful and violent, there is so much in this movie. you must see it.

if you need someone to go with, let me know. im more than happy to go again.

*not to be confused with davis bowies labyrinth, although this guy looks a little bit like the helping hands sarah gets caught by when she thinks she's figured out the 'one of us always tells the truth, and one of us always lies' riddle.

except i dont think they eat faeries or children

last night i went to the mars bar for kristins hens night. never been there before. was quite a good night. somehow it ended up with some drummer from some band covered in blood and boys brimming with testosterone, walking around with their chests sticking out, and kim in the boot of a hatchback, but it was all good

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