Sunday, November 30, 2003


im all kinds of pleased and chuffed and happy and smiley....i have made it on to the *required* reading list of dan golden.

for a while now i have been *suggested* reading. i was happy enough* with that. fair enough, really. sometimes i write some stuff that is kind of alright, and i guess sometimes you could suggest to people that they take a squizz at my blog and see what they think.

*happy enough. this is because while i was only suggested reading, a certain someone else was *required* reading. now, i dont really have anything against this person as such, although i know of other people who do, it's just that i couldnt see how her writing was any better or different than mine. yeah, ok, i whine a lot, but doesnt everyone from time to time....aaaaw, one big happy family....

moving right along

im pretty sure that dang is the only person apart from people who i actually know that has me linked on their blog. wow. i should give you a present or something, dont you think? let me know what you'd like...

see, me, im all smiley and shy....thanks day you and me will go out on a date, k, and i promise you'll have a nice time, i might even kiss you goodnight

Friday, November 28, 2003

its only 365 sleeps till next halloween...... 364!

ok, not halloween though, and not 364. its 27 days until christmas, and im just wondering if any of you have clicked on the 'buy me stuff' link over there ---> and...well...bought me stuff? i'd be very much appreciative :)
are you trying to tell me something?

my computer is less than spectacular. i was excited when i first got it because i thought it would be so much better than my old one. and it was, for like, a week or something. until it began to be s l o w and annoying. pages decide not to open, all the time. it freezes and shuts down all my programs, and also, i get about a bazillion pop ups.

i installed the google search bar which is supposed to stop popups. and it does, to a certain extent. so far its been working for about a month i guess, and its only blocked 82 popups. i still get them from schoolfriends, a miscellaneous popup with 4 options for me to click on, and lose weight fast.

lose weight fast.

every day, every new window i open, i have to close 'lose weight now, ask me how!'. now, i know im not *small*. but by no means am i so extra large that i need to be reminded of it time and time again over the course of the day.

i'll have you know, popupsenders, that i wore a t shirt the other day that was a size 10. yes, 10! take that!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

ok, i'll try a little harder, just for you

well, its been more than a bit fneh lately.

i guess if you looked around through the blogs of certain people i have linked, you could probably piece together whats going on. and frankly i'd prefer it if you did it that way cos i cant be bothered going over it again. lets just say fneh and leave it at that.

also, its the last young opus this sunday, which is pretty sucky, but i've just found out that i might be able to be in the beach road christmas pageant. wahoo!
i always wanted to be in the pageant. i'd still like to ride nipper, but i reckon im probably about 20 years too old for that now.
im actually considering asking tim if he could get me a job at savings and loans. once you work for them, you get to be in the big pageant. so yay. but personwhosnameimustnevermention said that he doesnt think they'll hire me purely for the fact that i want to be in the pageant. he's probably right.

apparently theres a nasty head monster going around the place and infecting 4 year olds dreams. could you please go away and leave x alone? it would be greatly appreciated


Saturday, November 22, 2003

angela fucking drewer

so i called up for the annie auditions

A: angela drewer...
C: hi angela, it's carly whittaker here....
A: i've been trying to call you all day, you know, whats wrong with your phone?
C: um, nothing...well, ive called you back now, so now you dont have to worry
A: you'd like to audition for annie?
C: yes i would, and also my friend vicki
A: alright then, well there are 2 spots available, monday night at 9:40 and thursday night at 9:40
C: k

then she proceeds to tell me all about the show, all the info i need, yadda yadda yadda

C: ok then, well, i'll take the thursday night audition then, thanks
A: you already said you'd take monday
C: cant make monday night, so i wouldnt have said it
A: i said the times and you said monday will be fine
C: no...
A: yes, you did, i think you're mistaken
C: fine, i'll get a baby sitter, i'll have monday

more mindless drivel...

A: have you seen any shows put on by us before?
C: no, i actually tried to get to the grease show, but i missed out on tickets. i was going to audition for grease as well, but i couldnt make the audition
A: well that cant be right because we had auditions over three days
C: yes, i know, but when i called all the times were taken except one that was in 20 minutes, and i couldnt get there in time
A: well thats not right because i wouldnt have made you come in 20 minutes
C: ...someone had just cancelled their time, so it was the only one available...
A: no, thats not right. you are mistaken. theres no way i would have made you come with that little notice.
C: no, thats what happened. i rang and you said someone had cancelled their time, but i couldnt make it so i didnt go
A: why would you make a time if you knew you couldnt make it?
C: i didnt make the time, i told you i couldnt make it
A: are you sure you spoke to me? are you sure you called the right place?
C: well, they told me all about the show...
A: no, you're mistaken, that wouldnt have happened. look, i think you should get your friend to call me about an audition time because you're obviously confused. this happened earlier when you said you'd take monday and then forgot...
C: fine, i'l tell her to call you
A: yes i think you'd better

fuck you bitch lady

i did it, i called the police

Friday, November 21, 2003

in other words, you dont give a fuck what i think

Dear Miss. Whittaker

Thank you very much for your contact and comments about MILO Bar.

We appreciate hearing from our consumers as your reactions to our products contribute to our decision-making. Unfortunately the old MILO bar is no longer available. All stocks are out in the market is there is any left.

However, we hope you will continue to use and enjoy our products and we will keep your thoughts on file for future reference.

Karen Andrews
Consumer Services Co-ordinator
Nestle Australia Ltd

could everyone go to nestle and email them about how the new milo bars suck? please???

Thursday, November 20, 2003


i am not a donkey.....yes, carly is a happy girl

well, they've gone.

sean and holly left in a taxi, bound for the airport, at 4am yesterday morning.

we had a really good time, i think. the three weeks went so quickly.

melbourne was cool. we went to chappel bizzarre, which i love. i got my new favourite snowglobe there. technically it isnt a snowglobe, as it looks like an old tv and is actualy a salt and pepper shaker, but it has an apple and a mountain in the 'screen' part, and it says tasmania, and its snowing. aaaaah..... i also got a bear who i named chappel. he's wearing blue jocks.

we drove home along the great ocean road. that was nice although it was raining the whole time prety much. we stopped at the normal spots like the 12 apostles. it was so windy. but we also stopped at this cool little place called the grotto. it was a rock formation on the coast and you climb down some steps to the shore and look out through this little cavern thing full of water and stones, out into the ocean. it was really pretty.

we also stopped at mount gambier and looked at the blue lake (which i took photos of...with a black and white film), and the underground garden thingo. and even though it was dark, we stopped at the big crayfish so holly could see it. everyone was mightily chuffed.

both sean and holly were stoked cos they got to see kangaroos hopping around in the feilds *and* they got to touch an echidna. we all touched the echidna, but personwhosnameimustnevermention got spiked by it. that boy is always going one step too far, silly personwhosnameimustnevermention.

so we got home....then what....gah, im not gonna do this in order.

we went to the zoo, which was really cool. saw some tiny baby meerkats and some giraffes, i love giraffes. we took sean through the reptile house and he had a bit of a freak about all the snakes. i was very proud of him for walking through though, he did a good job. we got hungry jacks for lunch so they could see if it was the same as burger king. it is, except the burgers arent squashed here.

we went to victor harbour and walked over to granite island. that was nice. had a yummy lunch there to and shopped at global village. coooool stuff there.

pageant! we went to the pageant. havent been in years. oh, just realised ive already written about that....moving right along

we went into the city so sean could get a tattoo. he got one of a kangaroo that i drew. the guy at the tattoo shop had to change it a bit, but its basically my drawing.. weird. we went into toys r us as well and holly got some new cabbage patch kid clothes. i bought the nightmare before christmas and the muppets christmas carol on video.

apart from that, we pretty much just hung out. it was cool. we drank a *lot* of alcohol and ate a *lot* of cheese and crackers.

it's weird not having them around. x asked me yesterday if they were here and when i said no he said... 'i miss them, because im sad'.
it's going to be strange talking to them online again. having to rely on typed words and crappy web cams to talk...they'll be back next year though...

...anyone else feel like visiting??
dear nestle,
honestly, i've tried the new milo bar again, and it really doesnt compare. it's absolutely different to the old one, so why dont you just make them both? milo bar original and milo bar whatever the hell it is you think it tastes like.
if you have any old milo bars left, could you possibly send them my way?
i really hope nestle dont own cherry ripes cos if they change, that'll be both my favourite chocolates gone.
have you actually tried the new one? compared them? i think you should, you'll see what i mean.


Monday, November 17, 2003


"Don't take this the wrong way, but girls are stupid," he tells me. He appreciated my wholehearted agreement.

So we decided that girls are stupid because they think too much when they should just act, and guys are stupid because they don't think when they should.

Now at this point I could ramble on and on forever about my philosophy about following my instinct instead of overthinking. But the bottom line is that I've started doing what makes me happy instead of what seems rational.

And you know what? I have never been happier.

Life is good. Complicated perhaps, but very, very good.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

ineradicable stain

I am writing about gloria Dawn. She was very frail and delicate and gossamery. She was my girlfriend I looked at her tender plump breastypoo's, nestling in the collar of her dress like peaches in a basket– just as rosy and soft– and I would want to nibble on them and devour her. (her bottom was pretty nice too)

Sunday, November 09, 2003

so, who missed me?

yeah, i know, slack. and it's even been pointed out to me in the den. over a week and NO entries. goodness gracious me.

well, i *have* been busy miss vicki pants.

we went down to port willunga so holly could see a sunset. stupid sean, not this sean, that sean (yawassid), didnt think to take her to see one when she was in california. feh.

so we were down the beach and it was all real nice and stuff. the kids* played in the caves (*read personwhosnameimustnevermention, sean, x and e), and we watched the sunset then drove home. what else....oh, we went to the zoo and i saw baby meerkats. yeah! tiny little things. so cute. hmm, that was a rather girly moment. i was pretty disappointed by the kids zoo. no sheep and goats head butting you for oats, just three deer. where did all the animals go??? i think my other favourite part was the giraffes. *and* sean got me a snow globe. yep, snowing at the adelaide zoo, just the way it's meant to be.

we've been down to christies beach and port noarlunga beach too. personwhosnameimustnevermention and sean went snorkelling, but im quite sure they were more impressed by the 2 fifteen year olds squeeling at the bottom of the stairs.

last night we went to personwhosnameimustnevermention's parents house and had this massive dinner. bbq'd yummies. and pavlova. and....thats all really. i was sleepy last night so i went to bed while everyone else stayed up and watched spaceballs.

oh! pageant! tahts right. we went to the pageant yesterday. it's been years since i've been to the pageant. i dont think either of the kids have ever been. e enjoyed it. x was his usual surly self. then i got to get my face painted by vicki. yay, that cheered me up cos lil carly got to pop out for a bit. illegal face painters, sheesh, i dunno. but she got to meet sean and holly and they all seemed to get along alright. even if vicki did start slipping into her american self.

so there you go.. a long awaited update of pretty much nothing. hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check in next time for some extra special bits of nothing, wahahey!

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

homophobia is rampant in noarlunga

apparently sitting next to each other in front of school children is promoting lesbian behaviour.

sunday was my first experience of homophobia. i wasnt as mad as i thought i would be, but i guess that may be because it didnt come directly at me. vicki and i were told via someone in the office of the theatre that she and i sitting next to each other was frightening the children, and they were afraid for them cos it was a dangerous place for them to be.

im sorry, but isnt it better for them to see two people, regardless of their gender, showing friendship and affection for each other than people yelling and fighting? or perhaps they'd prefer it if we stuck them infront of the tv for a while, or a mindless computer game?

i really hope my kids get to grow up seeing that no matter who people are, as long as they love each other, it's ok