Wednesday, November 26, 2003

ok, i'll try a little harder, just for you

well, its been more than a bit fneh lately.

i guess if you looked around through the blogs of certain people i have linked, you could probably piece together whats going on. and frankly i'd prefer it if you did it that way cos i cant be bothered going over it again. lets just say fneh and leave it at that.

also, its the last young opus this sunday, which is pretty sucky, but i've just found out that i might be able to be in the beach road christmas pageant. wahoo!
i always wanted to be in the pageant. i'd still like to ride nipper, but i reckon im probably about 20 years too old for that now.
im actually considering asking tim if he could get me a job at savings and loans. once you work for them, you get to be in the big pageant. so yay. but personwhosnameimustnevermention said that he doesnt think they'll hire me purely for the fact that i want to be in the pageant. he's probably right.

apparently theres a nasty head monster going around the place and infecting 4 year olds dreams. could you please go away and leave x alone? it would be greatly appreciated


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