Sunday, November 30, 2003


im all kinds of pleased and chuffed and happy and smiley....i have made it on to the *required* reading list of dan golden.

for a while now i have been *suggested* reading. i was happy enough* with that. fair enough, really. sometimes i write some stuff that is kind of alright, and i guess sometimes you could suggest to people that they take a squizz at my blog and see what they think.

*happy enough. this is because while i was only suggested reading, a certain someone else was *required* reading. now, i dont really have anything against this person as such, although i know of other people who do, it's just that i couldnt see how her writing was any better or different than mine. yeah, ok, i whine a lot, but doesnt everyone from time to time....aaaaw, one big happy family....

moving right along

im pretty sure that dang is the only person apart from people who i actually know that has me linked on their blog. wow. i should give you a present or something, dont you think? let me know what you'd like...

see, me, im all smiley and shy....thanks day you and me will go out on a date, k, and i promise you'll have a nice time, i might even kiss you goodnight

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