Thursday, November 20, 2003


well, they've gone.

sean and holly left in a taxi, bound for the airport, at 4am yesterday morning.

we had a really good time, i think. the three weeks went so quickly.

melbourne was cool. we went to chappel bizzarre, which i love. i got my new favourite snowglobe there. technically it isnt a snowglobe, as it looks like an old tv and is actualy a salt and pepper shaker, but it has an apple and a mountain in the 'screen' part, and it says tasmania, and its snowing. aaaaah..... i also got a bear who i named chappel. he's wearing blue jocks.

we drove home along the great ocean road. that was nice although it was raining the whole time prety much. we stopped at the normal spots like the 12 apostles. it was so windy. but we also stopped at this cool little place called the grotto. it was a rock formation on the coast and you climb down some steps to the shore and look out through this little cavern thing full of water and stones, out into the ocean. it was really pretty.

we also stopped at mount gambier and looked at the blue lake (which i took photos of...with a black and white film), and the underground garden thingo. and even though it was dark, we stopped at the big crayfish so holly could see it. everyone was mightily chuffed.

both sean and holly were stoked cos they got to see kangaroos hopping around in the feilds *and* they got to touch an echidna. we all touched the echidna, but personwhosnameimustnevermention got spiked by it. that boy is always going one step too far, silly personwhosnameimustnevermention.

so we got home....then what....gah, im not gonna do this in order.

we went to the zoo, which was really cool. saw some tiny baby meerkats and some giraffes, i love giraffes. we took sean through the reptile house and he had a bit of a freak about all the snakes. i was very proud of him for walking through though, he did a good job. we got hungry jacks for lunch so they could see if it was the same as burger king. it is, except the burgers arent squashed here.

we went to victor harbour and walked over to granite island. that was nice. had a yummy lunch there to and shopped at global village. coooool stuff there.

pageant! we went to the pageant. havent been in years. oh, just realised ive already written about that....moving right along

we went into the city so sean could get a tattoo. he got one of a kangaroo that i drew. the guy at the tattoo shop had to change it a bit, but its basically my drawing.. weird. we went into toys r us as well and holly got some new cabbage patch kid clothes. i bought the nightmare before christmas and the muppets christmas carol on video.

apart from that, we pretty much just hung out. it was cool. we drank a *lot* of alcohol and ate a *lot* of cheese and crackers.

it's weird not having them around. x asked me yesterday if they were here and when i said no he said... 'i miss them, because im sad'.
it's going to be strange talking to them online again. having to rely on typed words and crappy web cams to talk...they'll be back next year though...

...anyone else feel like visiting??

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