Friday, November 28, 2003

are you trying to tell me something?

my computer is less than spectacular. i was excited when i first got it because i thought it would be so much better than my old one. and it was, for like, a week or something. until it began to be s l o w and annoying. pages decide not to open, all the time. it freezes and shuts down all my programs, and also, i get about a bazillion pop ups.

i installed the google search bar which is supposed to stop popups. and it does, to a certain extent. so far its been working for about a month i guess, and its only blocked 82 popups. i still get them from schoolfriends, a miscellaneous popup with 4 options for me to click on, and lose weight fast.

lose weight fast.

every day, every new window i open, i have to close 'lose weight now, ask me how!'. now, i know im not *small*. but by no means am i so extra large that i need to be reminded of it time and time again over the course of the day.

i'll have you know, popupsenders, that i wore a t shirt the other day that was a size 10. yes, 10! take that!

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