Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Love Desperado

Where is that bear cause I need a hug real bad, I don’t care if it kills me at least I’d die in a pair of arms……

Tim Oxley

Monday, September 29, 2003

a real life girl

as you may or may not know, i'm rather attracted to girls. i've never kissed one or done anything like that, but i'd like to. sean and holly are coming to visit in about a month (see previous entry), and it's possible that things may happen with holly. it's not definate, but it's a possibility. i'm all kinds of excited and scared about that.

as you also may or may not know, i'm rehearsing for a musical at the moment, (the boyfriend, opening on thursday night at 8, at noarlunga theatre), and the assistant director, vicki, has kind of a crush on me. it's weird because although i've had crushes on girls before, they're never, to my knowledge, liked me back. so it's a strange feeling having a real life girl want me.
at first i thought we were just play flirting, cos i do that, and i guess i figured other people did too. but after she said a few things, i believe her now. id ont want to lead her on, because, although she's heaps nice, and she's pretty and all that, i dont really know if i want to do anything with her.
i always thought that i'd do things with holly first, but the other night she gave me a hug goodbye, and we pulled away a little, but not a lot, and i *know* i could have kissed her then and she wouldnt have stopped me.
matts all kinds of happy about it cos he thinks i should bring her home to share, but thats totally a guy way of looking at it.


Friday, September 26, 2003


Wednesday, September 24, 2003

about fucking time

THE South Australian Catholic Church has created legal history by offering an unconditional $2 million compensation package to victims of child sex abuse.

Offers will be delivered today to more than 30 families of young boys who allegedly were abused by a bus driver at a Catholic school for the intellectually disabled between 1987 and 1991.

The offers are unprecedented in that they do not contain any confidentiality clauses and recipients do not have to waive their rights to take legal action against the church for compensation.
sigh and smile

My mind thinks of her in cliches.
Love of my life.
My muse.
Damsel in distress.
Sleeping beauty.
Keeper of my heart.

The writers of the past stole my words.
I'm taking them back for her.


Tuesday, September 23, 2003

return of the ex boyfriends...

at least they arent the ex boyfriends from hell. although, im lucky enough to have not really had a bad exboyfriend experience. funnily enough, any of them that were on the nasty side were always real nice to me when i saw them post relationship.
anyway, you know i spoke to phillip the other week, well now i have a play date with jake. well, my kids, his kids and sharyns kids are all gonna play at play and fun while we have cappucinos.
should be fun

Sunday, September 21, 2003

i have a question...

'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'

my understanding of this is, you're in your house, right, and it's made of glass. you're throwing your stones, ie, calling people names or whatever, and your stone hits someone. they turn around, pick up the stone, see that it was you who threw it because your walls are made of glass and they can see straight through them, and they throw the stone back and it smashes your house.
so, don't be mean to people, because they'll be mean back and it could be worse for you.

if anyone else out there disagrees or can explain it any better, please feel free.

more sayings i don't get...

a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
that's cheap at half the price!
don't look a gift horse in the mouth
how i spent my saturday night

watching dennis the menace, planes trains and automobiles and revenge of the nerds

Friday, September 19, 2003

a proud mummy

'this is augustine and i am helping her. she doesnt have a tv or a nintendo....or fresh water or food, and she cant even go to kindy like us! so thats why im helping augustine'


Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Yes There Is a Slight Chance He Might Actually Fail

I gave you a flower
He gave you a whole bunch
He cut you a diamond
I cut you your lunch

I read you a pamphlet
He wrote her a whole book
He paid them both to the movies
I stole you a look

I cannot win
Since the day we watched them move in

Another sick joke
At my expense
But you can't live your life
With one eye over the fence

So I wrote you this song
She got an operatic medley
He bought her a car
I doubled you on my treadly

I can't compete
Since they moved to our street

I candidly took your photo
But it came out a blur
In their hall hangs a portrait
He had commissioned for her

And on Valentine's Day
What was I to do
She got a ninety verse sonnet
I struggled with a haiku

Makes me see red
But I still couldn't wish them both dead

I'm gonna fail
What if I fail
He's gonna fail
He could possibly fail
He could possibly fail
He's gonna fail

Darren Hanlon

Monday, September 15, 2003

doctor who - the entire series

'the greatest time traveler of them all - doctor who - returns to ABC TV on Monday 15 at 6pm. To coincide with the 40th anniversary of the science fiction phenomenon ABC TV will screen the entire doctor who series from episode 1 every Monday to Thursday. The first episode an unearthly child stars the original gallifreyan time lord - William hartnell. Doctor who made its debut on the BBC in November 1963 before reaching Australian screens in 1965 - ABC last screened doctor who in march 1994. The intriguingly nomadic doctor and his historical and futuristic travels founded a massive cult following which supported the BBC's production of more that 700 individual episodes. Doctor who was the longest running science fiction series ever made and everyone has a favourite episode, doctor, or evil foes such as the daleks and cybermen. The doctors dimensionally transcendental adventures in the TARDIS have become an icon for time travel which stretched the imagination - a seemingly ordinary telephone box with an incandescent control room inside that allows it to move through the vortex of time and space. William hartnell was the first to fill the famous doctors shoes and seven other actors - all renowned for their acting abilities - brought their own distinctive flavour and personality to the role. In an unearthly child, the doctor and his grand daughter Susan voyage 100,000 years into earths past to a palaeolithic landscape.'

quoted from rip it up magazine

i'd like to introduce you to augustine. she was born on valentines day, 1999.
she lives in chad and doesnt go to school. her favourite games are group games, and her chores are to run errands.

x chose her from the world vision site, and we sponser her now

Saturday, September 13, 2003

glitter glitter everywhere

last night we went to the kindy disco. it was pretty cool. there were the usual songs, bob the builder, hi five, the saddle club, they were all very cute to watch the kids dance to.
what was quite disturbing was the number or 4 and 5 year olds dancing to shakira songs as if they knew every little movement she makes in her video clips. this also happened in backstreet boys or whatever the boy band of the moment is, and avril songs.
x, being the cool guy he is, hung out at the bar all night. e and i got our hair spray painted with glitter.
i spoke to lachlans mum. lachlan was doing the shakira dance too. mandy said that video hits is his favourite show. she also said that if he doesnt grow up to be an entertainer of some kind, she's sure she'll be in sydney waving him on as he dances past on a float at mardi gras. while he was getting a love heart painted on his face, kylie minogue came on, and with an excited yell of 'kylie!' he was off dancing again.
my response?

he is so gay

Friday, September 12, 2003

attacker wily ah err
warlike chatty rear
thickly wear rat ear
the annagram site

Name: Miss. Carly Whittaker
Suburb: christies beach
Country: australia

Type of Enquiry: Nestle brands and products

milo bars are my favourite chocolate bars. actually, they used to
be my favourite, until you changed them. are you still making the old
ones? please make them. the new ones taste nothing like milo, or the old
milo bars. they taste like chocitos, and if you made these new milo bars
as competition against chocitos, thats just weird cos i dont know many
people who would buy a chocito over another chocolate bar. and anyway,
there was nothing on the market like a milo bar, now, with this new one,
its just another copy of some other bar.
please make the old milo bars again.

Dear Miss. Whittaker

The quality of our products is of the utmost concern to us and whilst we were sorry to hear of your disappointment with our MILO Bar 50g, we would like to thank you for notifying us.

You mentioned that this was the first time you tried our product since our formulation change. We understand your disappointment and sincerely hope that this incident will not deter you further from enjoying our vast range of products.

We value your feedback and if you have any further inquiries about our products please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 025 361 during business hours.

Yours Sincerely,

Colette Asmar
Food Adviser
Nestlé Australia Ltd

yes im happy they wrote back, but it still doesnt change the fact that the fucked a completely good chocolate bar and came out with a disgusting one

Thursday, September 11, 2003

not happy

milo bars are my favourite chocolate bars. well, they were my favourite. now they've changed them and i took one bite and i felt sick. they're nothing like the old bars. its not like they just made it with creamier chocolate, or more milo, they totally changed it.

not happy

so not happy infact, that i emailed nestle last night and let them know how not happy i am

i will keep you updated on my progress.

ps. if anyone has any spare old milo bars, please sned them over to me?

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

"The Lord of the "Alternative" Chart Toppers:
The Fellowship of The Whitlams"

It's a story of how Tim, a Dunlending banished from his home by the
Rohan, instead of fighting back, forms the first "Alternative" band in
the history of Middle-earth. This Fellowship included a Hobbit
guitarist, a manical, disfigured Hobbit drummer, and a 'straight-up'
Bass-playing Ranger from Minas Tirith.

Watch, as the invigorating rhythms of their power-pop spread through
Middle-earth, like a band of Uruk-hai looking for 'fresh meat' in
Fangorn forest. Hear the powerful White Wizard Saurman shout "MORE
SAAUUUCCE" from the top of his tower in Mordor. But be warned, the evil
Sauron has sent nine Black Riders on a quest to find "the precious", the
one thing that will make him the all powerful Whitlams fan...

...an autographed copy of Stupor Ego.

Be afraid.

"My second customer was Susan, she came in for Lambas Bread for second

Matthyas Kiraly

Monday, September 08, 2003

i just spent 2 hours on the phone with an old friend. an ex boyfriend actually, and i cried. he was really good, didnt freak out, didnt make a fuss, just helped. i think ive been needing to cry for a while now cos i actually feel better.
we had a good talk about lots of things and hopefully he'll be able to help me with particular things in my past that are holding me back.

thanks phillip

Sunday, September 07, 2003

The Curse Stops Here

Stevie left on a Friday too
They made the easy way look hard
We never thought too much about letting go
They took it all too far again

My first days back and I was rolling round the town
saying 'stay away from edges and from ropes if you can'

Cos I am the last one
and the curse stops here
the curse stops here

Ghosts don't lead you towards their light
They make it brighter here for you
Seeing Stevie helped me through from over there
but will his friend now help him out?

My first days back and I was rolling round the town
saying 'stay away from edges and from ropes if you can'

My friends said I was saying it too many times
Leave the gallow humour for the gallow people that it finds

Cos I am the last one
and the curse stops here

the curse stops here

Tim Freedman - The Whitlams
why i love the show

we went to the royal adelaide show yesterday and the kids had an pretty alright time. eli was sooky for most of the day until we gave him some icecream. he also enjoyed hugging a screeching piglet and holding a baby chicken which was equally as noisy.
we got the kids their showbags. eli got a super wheels showbag, which was just full of generic brand cars and bikes and stuff.

an except from the packaging above as to how to operate the 'bideshooteb masked riderryuki'.... yeah, i dont get it either

let the hackle zipper cut in the drailing wheel, then draught at full tilt to upgrade, let the drailing wheel tunning hight speed, at this time set the product to evenness foor to go speed run.


Thursday, September 04, 2003

bad things that happen to good people

charyns dad was in a motorbike accident and he's in intensive care at the moment. he broke his neck, nose, elbow, collarbone, his brain is swollen, he's injured his liver and they've put him into an induced coma.
last person i knew who was induced into a coma died
sharyns dad is really nice. his name is zdenek but we all call him dan. he used to be really stict about sharyn not seeing any boys, once when he answered the phone and it was a boy asking for her, he told him to call back in a few years. but apart from that, he's cool
i hope he gets better soon
"I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow"
Elliott Smith. Waltz #2.

Monday, September 01, 2003

hidden meanings

i got a bracelet from a friend that has little silver ovals dangling from it, and on each oval plate it says 'sister' in a different language. i loved it when i first saw it and i still do.
this friend and i have been through quite a lot. lots of ups and downs and misunderstandings. we always make up in the end but it takes a lot of time for things to get back to the way they used to be.
one of the little plates on the bracelet fell off not long after i got it. it said irma. it was my favourite. i tried to put it back on but i musnt have done a good enough job because it fell off again. i keep finding it in weird places all over the house and even out the front on the driveway.
it was annoying at first, but then i found it comforting because it seemed to me to be just like our friendship. for one reason or another we'd lose each other for a while, but we always come back together somehow.

are their eyes even open?

ok, so, you go and get a tattoo, and its not a small one, mind you. it's about aaaaaah, say, 12 cm tall by about 8 cm wide. its an ankh, and its black. ok, it's on the small of your back, but it's pretty sizey, it would be hard to miss. now lets say you get this on thursday the 21st of august and its now monday the 1st of september and your certain someone hasnt even noticed.....hmmmm....
'Today we went to Vatican City and the museums there. Saw Michaelangelos sisteen Chapelle which was
mindblowing. He was one crazy bastard to paint that massive room. It was really colorful and spectacular. Heaps of nuns breakin the rules there though like queue jumpin and taking photos which your not meant to do. 20 hail marys will sort em out i guess, bitches.'

ben, who is traveling the world