Monday, March 31, 2008

before i blog about the weekend, i just need to let you know that if you feel the need to be approached by many christians inviting you to a disco, then glenelg on a sunday is the place to be

i started cleaning my room. now im bored and my bed is covered in crap, so im gonna go listen to ash and play animal crossing in the lounge

Thursday, March 27, 2008

e's cd

try and tell me my kids arent cool

saw her standing there - beatles
twist and shout - beatles
thirteen - big star
i still remember - bloc party
good to me - brendan benson
another travellin song - brighteyes
hang me up to dry - cold war kids
happiness is a chemical - darren hanlon
over and over - hot chip
resurrection fern - iron and wine
waterloo sunset - the kinks
t shirt weather - lucksmiths
chinese translations - m ward
she wears a mask - machine translations
baby baby - ratcat
broken boy soldiers - the raconteurs
well thought out twinkles - silversun pickups
at the zoo - simon and garfunkle

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ben...i think we have a band...

feel free to hope over to spoz's blog for pictures, but i'm cutting and pasting the review

Speaking of which, here's our first band! A teeny tiny two piece semi acoustic act featuring everyone's favourite nerd rocker Ben Revi on guitar and the ever so awkwardly shy Carly Whittaker on vocals and glockenspiel? called in as a last minute replacement, with barely three or more songs to their repetoire? oh and did I mention it's their first ever gig tonight!? Awwww just look at that sign! they're just making this shit easy for me now aren't they!?

HUMBLE BEE (***1/2)
Yup: geek rock, bambi pop, disco dweeb, toytronica, whatever the fuck you call it, those of you familiar with my work will know all too well, that I just can't help myself. It's like a fluffy pink bunny toying with both barrels, it's like a giant red button begging to be pushed, they fuel with me a murderous glee that knows no compare! oooh how I love to play! You name them: Running With Horses, LeighStarDust, Radio Spectacular, Belittle League: thanks to me, they're an entire liliputian army sharpening sticks and awaiting for my imminent assassination! Yes! And then along comes this band? Humble Bee!? All doe eyed with heavy hitting guitar and tiny twee glockenspiel? like a Disney caricature caught unawares in the twin beams of a speeding truck? like the fluffiest extremes of Angie Hart and the subtlest nuances of Thom Yorke? like Angus & Julia Stone with puppets? like a teen soap opera montage from hell? like a box of tissues blown green to broken harmonies and broken hearts? like everything you love about glockenspiels but were afraid to admit? one hard luck waitress and a chess prodigy winning against all adversity!? "Oooh crap I can't bear to look!".. and fuck me dead but I think like it! (what!?) Yup, as much as I was gunning for a Jackson Pollack blood splatter all over the tarmac, they win me over with a sweet cover of The Cure's "Friday I'm In Love" and it's all smiles and hand claps from there on in. Damn. Well I guess that's it then, I'm getting my shotgun.. goodnight everyone! :)
just to clarify

yes, it is 1:52am and yes, i am still awake

Monday, March 24, 2008

things that i know

gig went well, i think. i dont have anything to compare it too, so i cant say for sure. but ben said it was good, and so did actual people watching, so it must have been ok.

new songs up on the myspace

i know that.

checked out dj ian's new night at higher ground and that was great. i'll go back there. dunno when, but it'll happen.

seeing adrian was fantastic. dancing on and empty dancefloor, in front of the big lebowski, with a glass of milk, teaching me the boundry rider. awesome.

gosh was so so so good. much fun. much dancing. much hugging. one glass of water spilled over someones head = hilarious. great night

and now? well now, i just dont know

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

dear weather,
thanks for today, that was really nice of you.
i slept til 1pm with a cool breeze blowing through my window, it was lovely.
if you could keep that up, that'd be grand


Sunday, March 16, 2008

sunday night convos

Pip says:
a fisher price childrens hospital
Pip says:
like a toy hospital?
it has a lift, and a bell that dings. and it is currently sitting on the dresser in my hallway
exactly like a toy hospital
Pip says:
lol cool
currently, yoda, r2d2 and cowgirl smurfette are living in it
Pip says:
yes, they seem happy with the arrangement
Pip says:
does smurfette get down with yoda or r2d2?
not that i've noticed, but its entirely possible
she seems to be a bit of a skank
i reckon yoda probably does it without even having to move, he just uses the force and bingo! orgasms
Pip says:
yeah i think r2d2 would cause more damage than good
he'd be like a massive vibrator tho
Pip says:
true, but he wouldnt shut up
you have a point
he could be quite distracting
so, i think we've come to the conclusion that it would be better to sex yoda than r2d2? is that correct?
Pip says:
i think smurfette needs a new room mate
wheres he-man?

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @
want to know something completely riduculous?

see this poster? humble bee are actually playing there that night. you know humble bee? not really even a band, humble bee? me and ben, emailing each other music and lyrics and recording them yet never actually playing the songs together at the same time? you know them?? yeah. playing. an actual gig.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

from out of nowhere*

no lead up to this conversation, just the first thing he said to me when he woke up, 'because when the man and the lady kiss each other like that, it means they're gonna have a baby, so, its kind of like...well, its like an orange, and it comes up and out of the mans mouth and then into the lady and she swallows it and it grows into a baby and if its the man, it comes out of his butt'. this was complete with actions. is sex education a good idea at 6, or can i keep him thinking that people get pregnant by swallowing oranges?

*one minute here, one minute there. dont know if i'll laugh or cry
one minute here and one minute there, and it hurts inside

faith no more

Thursday, March 13, 2008

see what you missed out on???

i dont even remember this song being played

that mask was so very scary.

check out spoz's blog for more ridiculousness

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday, March 09, 2008

*im about to go off and eat pizza with miffy, so instead of writing all about last night, i'll just post some photos and add to it later on

*still trying to upload more pics, dumbass blogger

birthday gosh!

last night was great. miffy, sharyn and i went out to fasta pasta for tea. it was very yummy. we then ventured home so i could get changed. theres no way i could have gone to fasta pasta in my going out dress, as i would have spilled my dinner on it.

we watched once, got ready, made super strong magic water to take with us, picked up luke and headed for the train station. apparently noarlunga train station is *the* place to be on a saturday night. the coolest people hang out there...

we made it it gosh. craig said he had special birthday songs for me. we started dancing and one song later the pipettes are on. thanks craig! so many good songs last night. song after song after song after song....lucky i had my drinks brought to me or i would have gone mighty thirsty.

~~~~~~~~i've just realised how stupidly hot it is in my room, so im going into the lounge. this will probably get finished later~~~~~~~~~

its still hot, but i'll try. for you

yes, the awesomness that is craig, was...well, awesome. we danced and danced and had a wonderful time. i dont remember any glass breakages or spillage. oh, hang on. i did grab steve and shake him with excitement when custard came on, making him spill his beer. then i remembered its only me and sharyn who know that we call him 'custard guy' cos he looks like dave mccormack. baha

by around 330, it was home time and we trundled off down hindley street. man that place sucks. bad bad music is blasted from every orifice

yes i said orifice. hindley street is gross

*thankyou to joanna and natalie for gosh shots

Sunday, March 02, 2008

happy birthday

oh, and

if e and i put our minds to it, we could tidy this whole house, i reckon. hes an industrious boy and he's full of wonderful ideas. we spent a lovley day together yesterday, just the two of us.

after dropping x off at his mates house for a sleepover, i told e he could choose to do whatever he wanted

'lets go to salvos!'

what an excellent idea. and what do we spy at the back of the store, with the bonus of being marked down to $8? why, that would be our new...buffet? is that whats its called? sideboard? bench/cupboard thing? anyway, this

"we could put it in the kitchen for our plates and dishes, or maybe in the loungeroom full of all our precious things!"


its currently in the entry and i think it looks good. e wanted it on the other wall, but i think its nice there.

then we got scones and coffee/fruit box, had a walk down beach road, played with the train whistle (rules made up by e 'no whistling inside, no blowing the whistle near old people') and bought a magical elephant to keep bad dreams away.

then it was time to go to mums for my birthday party. afternoon tea with the grandparents, then bbq with everyone else. was fine. i do get the distinct impression that my nanna is disappointed im not married. theres not a lot i can do about that though. the conversation turned to boyfriends and i mentioned talking to tom 'so, do you think you could marry him?'.

we got home around 11 and fell asleep straight away. since x wasnt here, we could have a sleep in and we both woke at the respectable hour of 9. by 930, e was full of ideas about where to put the new cupboard and what we should do with our day, so we sorted out the front porch, took out all the recycling, and picked x up, all in time for voldemort to come round, pick up the kids and not say happy birthday to me. quite a good mornings work. how is it that i can see something months ahead and buy it because it would be a great present for him, yet he cant say 'happy birthday' in passing.

that put me in a grumpy mood, but miffy told me to put on a happy dress, as we were going adventuring into mclaren vale. i had an audition which i think i did well in, though it seems i'll end up on stage in my underwear being dumb, what a surprise.
then we went exploring for awesome places to take awesome photos of awesomness. awesomness being me. some look ok. one you can see my knickers. most look munted. this is not in any way a reflection of miffys skill as a photographer. its all to do with the fact that i am categorically unable to smile in photos without looking dumb.
miffy has all the photos at the moment, but i will prove that fact to you when i get the copies.

then it was hometime, and hometime meant cupcakes and neverending story and a nap. i've just woken from the nap now and missed so you think you can dance. that is unfortunate, as the bass amuses me with her inability to compare. by the way, did you know that deep roy plays the racing snail man in neverending story? neither did it

and most importantly, i let e play my ds yesterday, and now when i turn it on it makes a higher pitched bing noise than it used to. any idea how to fix that? it doesnt effect game playing, i just dont like it.

i paid off my entire home loan to tom nook today, now i can spend my money on whatever i want

happy birthday me

Saturday, March 01, 2008