Sunday, March 09, 2008

*im about to go off and eat pizza with miffy, so instead of writing all about last night, i'll just post some photos and add to it later on

*still trying to upload more pics, dumbass blogger

birthday gosh!

last night was great. miffy, sharyn and i went out to fasta pasta for tea. it was very yummy. we then ventured home so i could get changed. theres no way i could have gone to fasta pasta in my going out dress, as i would have spilled my dinner on it.

we watched once, got ready, made super strong magic water to take with us, picked up luke and headed for the train station. apparently noarlunga train station is *the* place to be on a saturday night. the coolest people hang out there...

we made it it gosh. craig said he had special birthday songs for me. we started dancing and one song later the pipettes are on. thanks craig! so many good songs last night. song after song after song after song....lucky i had my drinks brought to me or i would have gone mighty thirsty.

~~~~~~~~i've just realised how stupidly hot it is in my room, so im going into the lounge. this will probably get finished later~~~~~~~~~

its still hot, but i'll try. for you

yes, the awesomness that is craig, was...well, awesome. we danced and danced and had a wonderful time. i dont remember any glass breakages or spillage. oh, hang on. i did grab steve and shake him with excitement when custard came on, making him spill his beer. then i remembered its only me and sharyn who know that we call him 'custard guy' cos he looks like dave mccormack. baha

by around 330, it was home time and we trundled off down hindley street. man that place sucks. bad bad music is blasted from every orifice

yes i said orifice. hindley street is gross

*thankyou to joanna and natalie for gosh shots

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