Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ben...i think we have a band...

feel free to hope over to spoz's blog for pictures, but i'm cutting and pasting the review

Speaking of which, here's our first band! A teeny tiny two piece semi acoustic act featuring everyone's favourite nerd rocker Ben Revi on guitar and the ever so awkwardly shy Carly Whittaker on vocals and glockenspiel? called in as a last minute replacement, with barely three or more songs to their repetoire? oh and did I mention it's their first ever gig tonight!? Awwww just look at that sign! they're just making this shit easy for me now aren't they!?

HUMBLE BEE (***1/2)
Yup: geek rock, bambi pop, disco dweeb, toytronica, whatever the fuck you call it, those of you familiar with my work will know all too well, that I just can't help myself. It's like a fluffy pink bunny toying with both barrels, it's like a giant red button begging to be pushed, they fuel with me a murderous glee that knows no compare! oooh how I love to play! You name them: Running With Horses, LeighStarDust, Radio Spectacular, Belittle League: thanks to me, they're an entire liliputian army sharpening sticks and awaiting for my imminent assassination! Yes! And then along comes this band? Humble Bee!? All doe eyed with heavy hitting guitar and tiny twee glockenspiel? like a Disney caricature caught unawares in the twin beams of a speeding truck? like the fluffiest extremes of Angie Hart and the subtlest nuances of Thom Yorke? like Angus & Julia Stone with puppets? like a teen soap opera montage from hell? like a box of tissues blown green to broken harmonies and broken hearts? like everything you love about glockenspiels but were afraid to admit? one hard luck waitress and a chess prodigy winning against all adversity!? "Oooh crap I can't bear to look!".. and fuck me dead but I think like it! (what!?) Yup, as much as I was gunning for a Jackson Pollack blood splatter all over the tarmac, they win me over with a sweet cover of The Cure's "Friday I'm In Love" and it's all smiles and hand claps from there on in. Damn. Well I guess that's it then, I'm getting my shotgun.. goodnight everyone! :)

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  1. I think we do. And I'm certainly taking 'subtlest nuances of Thom Yorke' as a compliment, even though really I'm just ripping off a few people Spoz hasn't heard yet.