Sunday, March 02, 2008

happy birthday

oh, and

if e and i put our minds to it, we could tidy this whole house, i reckon. hes an industrious boy and he's full of wonderful ideas. we spent a lovley day together yesterday, just the two of us.

after dropping x off at his mates house for a sleepover, i told e he could choose to do whatever he wanted

'lets go to salvos!'

what an excellent idea. and what do we spy at the back of the store, with the bonus of being marked down to $8? why, that would be our new...buffet? is that whats its called? sideboard? bench/cupboard thing? anyway, this

"we could put it in the kitchen for our plates and dishes, or maybe in the loungeroom full of all our precious things!"


its currently in the entry and i think it looks good. e wanted it on the other wall, but i think its nice there.

then we got scones and coffee/fruit box, had a walk down beach road, played with the train whistle (rules made up by e 'no whistling inside, no blowing the whistle near old people') and bought a magical elephant to keep bad dreams away.

then it was time to go to mums for my birthday party. afternoon tea with the grandparents, then bbq with everyone else. was fine. i do get the distinct impression that my nanna is disappointed im not married. theres not a lot i can do about that though. the conversation turned to boyfriends and i mentioned talking to tom 'so, do you think you could marry him?'.

we got home around 11 and fell asleep straight away. since x wasnt here, we could have a sleep in and we both woke at the respectable hour of 9. by 930, e was full of ideas about where to put the new cupboard and what we should do with our day, so we sorted out the front porch, took out all the recycling, and picked x up, all in time for voldemort to come round, pick up the kids and not say happy birthday to me. quite a good mornings work. how is it that i can see something months ahead and buy it because it would be a great present for him, yet he cant say 'happy birthday' in passing.

that put me in a grumpy mood, but miffy told me to put on a happy dress, as we were going adventuring into mclaren vale. i had an audition which i think i did well in, though it seems i'll end up on stage in my underwear being dumb, what a surprise.
then we went exploring for awesome places to take awesome photos of awesomness. awesomness being me. some look ok. one you can see my knickers. most look munted. this is not in any way a reflection of miffys skill as a photographer. its all to do with the fact that i am categorically unable to smile in photos without looking dumb.
miffy has all the photos at the moment, but i will prove that fact to you when i get the copies.

then it was hometime, and hometime meant cupcakes and neverending story and a nap. i've just woken from the nap now and missed so you think you can dance. that is unfortunate, as the bass amuses me with her inability to compare. by the way, did you know that deep roy plays the racing snail man in neverending story? neither did it

and most importantly, i let e play my ds yesterday, and now when i turn it on it makes a higher pitched bing noise than it used to. any idea how to fix that? it doesnt effect game playing, i just dont like it.

i paid off my entire home loan to tom nook today, now i can spend my money on whatever i want

happy birthday me

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