Tuesday, September 09, 2003

"The Lord of the "Alternative" Chart Toppers:
The Fellowship of The Whitlams"

It's a story of how Tim, a Dunlending banished from his home by the
Rohan, instead of fighting back, forms the first "Alternative" band in
the history of Middle-earth. This Fellowship included a Hobbit
guitarist, a manical, disfigured Hobbit drummer, and a 'straight-up'
Bass-playing Ranger from Minas Tirith.

Watch, as the invigorating rhythms of their power-pop spread through
Middle-earth, like a band of Uruk-hai looking for 'fresh meat' in
Fangorn forest. Hear the powerful White Wizard Saurman shout "MORE
SAAUUUCCE" from the top of his tower in Mordor. But be warned, the evil
Sauron has sent nine Black Riders on a quest to find "the precious", the
one thing that will make him the all powerful Whitlams fan...

...an autographed copy of Stupor Ego.

Be afraid.

"My second customer was Susan, she came in for Lambas Bread for second

Matthyas Kiraly

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