Monday, September 15, 2003

doctor who - the entire series

'the greatest time traveler of them all - doctor who - returns to ABC TV on Monday 15 at 6pm. To coincide with the 40th anniversary of the science fiction phenomenon ABC TV will screen the entire doctor who series from episode 1 every Monday to Thursday. The first episode an unearthly child stars the original gallifreyan time lord - William hartnell. Doctor who made its debut on the BBC in November 1963 before reaching Australian screens in 1965 - ABC last screened doctor who in march 1994. The intriguingly nomadic doctor and his historical and futuristic travels founded a massive cult following which supported the BBC's production of more that 700 individual episodes. Doctor who was the longest running science fiction series ever made and everyone has a favourite episode, doctor, or evil foes such as the daleks and cybermen. The doctors dimensionally transcendental adventures in the TARDIS have become an icon for time travel which stretched the imagination - a seemingly ordinary telephone box with an incandescent control room inside that allows it to move through the vortex of time and space. William hartnell was the first to fill the famous doctors shoes and seven other actors - all renowned for their acting abilities - brought their own distinctive flavour and personality to the role. In an unearthly child, the doctor and his grand daughter Susan voyage 100,000 years into earths past to a palaeolithic landscape.'

quoted from rip it up magazine

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