Saturday, September 13, 2003

glitter glitter everywhere

last night we went to the kindy disco. it was pretty cool. there were the usual songs, bob the builder, hi five, the saddle club, they were all very cute to watch the kids dance to.
what was quite disturbing was the number or 4 and 5 year olds dancing to shakira songs as if they knew every little movement she makes in her video clips. this also happened in backstreet boys or whatever the boy band of the moment is, and avril songs.
x, being the cool guy he is, hung out at the bar all night. e and i got our hair spray painted with glitter.
i spoke to lachlans mum. lachlan was doing the shakira dance too. mandy said that video hits is his favourite show. she also said that if he doesnt grow up to be an entertainer of some kind, she's sure she'll be in sydney waving him on as he dances past on a float at mardi gras. while he was getting a love heart painted on his face, kylie minogue came on, and with an excited yell of 'kylie!' he was off dancing again.
my response?

he is so gay

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